The Zionazi crowd has no moral conscience when it comes to marketing their narrative of the ‘Six Million Died’. They have used porn, comics, movies, text books, video games and campus terrorism to keep their Shoah myth alive.

On March 14, 2010 – the Timesonline under the heading, What a stag do: strippers, booze, Auschwitz, reported a new trend to promote Zionist narrative of the Auschwitz-Birkenau Nazi camps in Poland.

According to the paper, the tourists are entertained with booze, lap dancers, paintballing, white-water rafting and firing a Kalashnikov. Paul Luke, content manager at Last Night of Freedom, which claims to be the world’s biggest travel agency for stag and hen weekends, told a journalist posing as a customer: “It is bizarre when you drop a visit to the most depressing place on Earth into a massively fun weekend, but it is life-affirming. People have told us they have had the best night out ever after they have been there, because it almost makes you think, ‘To hell with that, we have seen the worst humanity had to show and then gone out on a major night on the tiles with strippers and booze’.

Lately, the British Holocaust Education Trust (est. in 1988) have come up with a new plan to brain-storm the new generation with the ‘Six Million Died’ hoax. According to HET, the idea is to touch the student’s emotions with personal visits to the camps, selected photographs especially of young people living normal lives before they were sent to a camp, and the tried and true survivor testimony. It’s all about transferring the desired emotional feelings since the battle for rational explanation of how the “Holocaust” happened is lost.

In addition to brainwashing – the Jewish Lobby groups are making British, American, Canadian and German taxpayers to pay for the establisment and maintenance of ‘Holocaust Shrines’ around the world. In May 2011, David Cameron government donated 2.1 million pound sterling for the maintenance of Auschwitz-Birkenau museum.

On 28th July, 50 teachers from across the United Kingdom attended one-day second Holocaust Educational Trust Teachers’ Summer School at the St Bride Foundation in London. This year’s Summer School, which aimed to give teachers the opportunity to hear from leading Holocaust academics, focused on the theme of Representations of the Holocaust.

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