On Saturday, Israel daily ‘JPost’ reported that Israel’s “social justice” protests have now spread to 18 cities, attracting over 70,000 Jewish protesters on Agust 13, 011. No held in Tel Aviv was held in Tel Aviv that day. Last week 250,000-300,000 protesters took to streets in Tel Aviv. On Saturday, 10,000 Jewish protesters in Beersheba were chanting: “The Negev wants the social justice and Who’s coming? The welfare state!“.

That ‘chanting’ shows the difference between the Israeli mass protests and the Arab protests being carried out in Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Yemen, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Morocco or the bloody protest in England. Furthermore, the Zionist regime has not accused Tehran or Damascus to be behind the Jewish protests – while both Libya and Syria have blamed US-Israel-Britain being behind the insurgency in those countries.

It’s interesting to note that while the Native Arabs and the Brits are protesting against their corrupt rulers – demanding free elections, human rights, employment and free media – the Israeli protesters are complaining that they have not received their fair share of the money and land looting from the native Muslim and Christian Palestinians.

These foreign Jew protesters have been living on Arab properties for over six decades, while receiving hundreds of billions of aid from the US, Germany, Canada and Switzerland for military, housing, education, medicare and recreation facilities – hundreds of thousands of Israelis also receive ‘Holocaust pension’. According to some American sources, each Israeli family with two children have received $140,000 from US taxpayers.

Israel-born writer, author and renowned British musician, Gilad Atzmon, wrote on August 7, 2011: “What we see in Israel is neither a socialist revolution; nor is it a struggle for justice. It is actually a ‘bourgeoisie wannabe revolution’, and the Israelis took to the street because each of them wants to be a landlord, to own a property. They do not care much about politics, ethics, or social awareness, and neither do they seem to care much about the war crimes they are collectively complicit in. Malnutrition in Gaza is really not their concern either. They seem to not care about anything much at all, except themselves becoming property owners….”

The 1.2 million Israel Arab citizen are not part of the protests. Neither are the 27,000 refugees from Sudan, Eritrea, Somalia, Congo and Ivory Coast who are allowed to work in Israel as a cheap labor replacement for the Palestinian from Gaza and the West Bank. These refugees along with the African Jews, are treated like Dalits (untouchables) are exploited in India. Most of these refugees sleep under sky as they cannot even afford to have tents to sleep in. One of these African refugees was interviewed by Russian RT (watch video below), who said: “The Israelis here demand cheaper houses. Good for them, at least they have houses! But we have nothing! We haven’t got a roof over our heads, let alone an expensive one!”

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