Professor Mahmood Mamdani (Makerere University, Uganda) in an article published in Pambazuka News has claimed that Sudanese President Omer al-Bashir agreed to South Sudan’s January 2011 independence referendum to save Sudanese both in North and South from America’s so-called ‘humanitarian invasion’ after Afghanistan and Iraq (and recently Libya). Dr. Mamdani also wrote that independence of South Sudan was never a goal of Sudanese People Liberation Army during under John Gareng command.

The Jewish groups behind ‘Save Darfur’, however, still want President al-Bashir to be tried at the Zionist-controlled International Criminal Court in Hague.

Veteran investigating reporter Keith Harmon Snow who specializes on Western wars in Africa for oil and Israel – says that it is the western leaders who should be tried at Hague as ‘war criminals’ for proxy guerrilla wars and genocide for the last two decades. Photo on top left shows Keith holding a grenade launcher in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

“On March 4, 2009, the ICC prosecutors announced that they were at last issuing the long threatened but first ever indictments against a sitting head of state, Omar al-Bashir, the Arab president of Sudan. Meanwhile, Somali “pirates” off East Africa recently freed a Ukrainian ship with a Panamanian registration, a Ukrainian crew and flag of Belize: The freighter carried tanks, rockets and munitions destined for Darfur, and it is owned by an Israeli “businessman” and reputed Mossad operative named Vadim Alperin,” Snow wrote in article entitled ‘Africon’s covert war in Sudan’, published in San Francisco Bay View, March 13, 2009.

“The US, Britain and Israel prosecuted this covert war through their key military proxies, the Sudan Peoples Liberation Army, which had nothing to do with “liberation,” and the Uganda People’s Defense Forces, which had nothing to do with the people. As in Rwanda, English-language propaganda about South Sudan centered on false accusations of genocide, and on the massive disinformation campaign about “slavery” which was peddled by the Judeo-Christian organizations that were shipping weapons and Bibles into Sudan under the so-called “humanitarian” enterprise OPERATION LIFELINE SUDAN. US State Department disinformation falsely accused Bashir of atrocities actually committed by the US-Israeli guerrilla proxies like the Justice and Equality Movement, the Sudan People’s Liberation Army, and its Darfur wing, the Sudan Liberation Army, and Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni’s Ugandan People‘s Defense Forces,” says Keith Harmon Snow.

“The American public has been hoodwinked into believing that the situation in Sudan is independent, and that there’s now an autonomous, independent country. What’s been pulled over the American public’s eyes is all of the corporate interests, all of the killing that’s been done by the American military interests on the ground, the private military companies connected to the United States, and by our proxy forces. The Sudan People’s Liberation Army and the Sudan Liberation Army are funded by the United States, all covertly, and this is what the American taxpayers are paying for,” says Snow.

The so-called ‘independent’ South Sudan is the first-stage of US-Israel plan for the occupation of entire Sudan. Sudan has the largest oil reserves in Africa. Country was third largest producer of oil in Africa before July 9 break-up. 75% of its oil fields are in South Sudan but pipeline transporting oil to refineries and to Port Sudan, on the Red Sea, for export – is still under the control of the anti-Israel Muslim regime in Khartoum.

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