In Jerusalem, a Jewish woman who wanted to purchase a ticket to ride city’s light rail, had to face Talmudic hatred toward female gender. She had to stand two blocks away from the ticket-booth while her husband was allowed to buy ticket.

Israel daily YNet (August 9. 2011) – has reported that last month when a 26-year-old Jewish woman accompanied by her husband tried to buy a train ticket from a booth on Yaakov Meir Street, she was told: “We don’t serve women. You can receive service in a different stand two-three blocks away”.

Just imagine, if this incident had happened in a Muslim country – what that Muslim-hating Jew Daniel Pipes would have posted on his blog!

Sex segregation within Orthodox Jewish community neighborhood is quite common. Women cannot sit beside men in buses, trains, drive cars and even not allowed to be photographed by a male. In Orthodox Jewish congregations, men and women sit separately, just like Muslims in mosques.

Here is something else which Glenn Beck or Alan Dershowiz would not like you to know. In Orthodox and some conservative Jewish congregations, the rabbi ignores the women present as he counts to the requisite 10 men to begin minyan service. The Catholic priest confines women to the pews and won’t let them ascend to the altar as priests. Hindu and Sikh temples, too, have male priest. Orthodox women must take the Mikveh (ritual bath) often at the synagogue, after their menstrual cycle. Menstruating Hindu women are forbidden to perform pooja (rituals) in temple nd also may not enter the kitchen of their own homes.

Originally, the light train reserved front rows in the car for men’s only and the back row seats for women. However, this arrangement could not satisfy several Jewish religious leaders. Following countless protests and tense discussions with the religious leaders over the route of Jerusalem’s light rail, it appears that Orthodox community in the Geula neighborhood will not oppose the tram operation.

Both parties have agreed upon that the male Jews will occupy the back car which still is against the Jewish Halachic commandment, which forbids Jewish men to sit behind women.

“The distance between the cars solves the Halachic problem of sitting behind a woman, so we’ll have no problem sitting there an proving that our insistence on sitting in the front in buses doesn’t stem from chauvinistic motives,” said Yeolish Kroiz, the operation chief of Eda Haredit community.

“If the rabbis see the tram working and gaining momentum, they’ll instruct all men to sit in the rear car only,” Kroiz believe. “If some women want to sit in the back car just to spite us, we would not object”.

Mrs. Leah Cohen in an article published in Torah Org. had admitted that while growing up in Jerusalem neighborhood, she heard men reciting each morning: “Blessed are You, Hashem our G-d, King of the universe, for not having made me a woman“. She also admits that when she visited Russia along with her husband, the said prayer was common among the Jewish men and she was shocked to find out that the prayer never bothered women in Russian Jewish communities. However, she tries to prove in her article that the prayer is most misunderstood biblical verse in the hands of the Jew haters!

In order to understand a woman’s true role in Islam, learn the truth beyond Jewish Lobby’s hasbara, here.

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