Today, a bomb blast at the United Nations four-storey building in Nigeria’s capital, Abuja, has killed at least 16 people including the bomber.

Speaking from New York, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon declined to speculate on the motive for the attack, and there was no immediate claim of responsibility.

Could it be that Ki-moon is affraid to spell-out that it could be an early warning from Israel for coming month Palestinian demand for recognition of an independent Palestinian state at the UN General Assembly?

Britian’s welknown Israeli Hasbara organ, Jewish-owned newspaper Daily Mail, is the first one to blame Islamist group Boko Haram group behind the bombing.

In June 2011 – Abuja Police HQ was bombed to assassinate Inspector General of Police, Hafiz Ringim (born 1953). The western media pinned the attack on Boko Haram, a tiny sect of Muslims who want to bring Shria’h law into Muslim-majority states in Nigeria. Jewish media has always blamed the group having ties with Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, Lebanese Hizbullah, Iran and the phony Al-Qaeda – and for hating the US and Israel.

President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan had appointed Hafiz Ringim as IGP in September 2010 to clean-up Nigeria’s most corrupt an inefficient police force which is notorious for kidnapping and armed robbery, sectarian and religious killings, political murders, wanton abuse and extortion of commuters by police personnel on major highways and roads and disrespect for the judiciary.

In 1984, Mossad was involved the attempted kidnapping of Alhaji Umaru Abdurrahaman Dikko (born 1936)- a powerful ally of former Nigerian President Shagari (1979-1983).

In December 2010, Nigerian government sued Israel-Firster Dick Cheney and Halliburton for $180 million bribery to secure a $6 billion worth liquefied natural gas plant contract.

Nigeria’s vast natural wealth of gas which has long been exploited by the multi-national western oil mafia by creating ethnic and religious division among the Muslims (51%) and Christians/Pagans (49%). One of the actor in Nigerian tragedy is the Zionist entity. When the Biafran rebellion, known as the civil war (1967-1970) ended in the defeat of Biafra rebels – Israeli foreign minister Abba Eban (died 2002), publically lamented at the collapse of the rebellion. The so-called “the Republic of Biafra” was recognized only by two countries – Israel and Ghana.

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