An Egyptian provincial governor has rewarded the protesterAhmed Shehat who pulled-down Israeli flag from top of Israeli embassy building and hoisted Egyptian flag on last Sunday.

Ahmed Shehat, a carpenter, was given a new job, a house and a shield.

Egyptian activists, including civil society groups that led the protests to remove Mubarak, said a new demonstration was planned outside the Israeli embassy on Friday to press for the expulsion of Israel’s ambassador and closure of the embassy.

In order to ward-off further troubles – A high-ranking Egyptian military official visited the Israeli Embassy on Thursday evening and asked its staff not to re-raise the Israeli flag at the embassy.

David Makovsky, fellow at Jewish think tank, the Washington-based Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP) and former Israel daily Jerusalem Post editor said in a recent interview that both Egyptian and Israelis believe if a free elections are held – Islamic parties lead by Muslim Brotherhood will either win the majority seats or will become a king-maker.

“That would mean that you would have a military that has had excellent relations with the Israelis but does not want to be in a confrontation with the public. Therefore, the political context for the Egyptian-Israeli military-to-military relations, which have been very good, are very much liable to deteriorate,” said David. In other words the Zionazi thug is advising the military junta – better don’t hold the general election.