Today, Ankara announced the expulsion of Israeli Ambassador and asked him to leave Turkey by Wednesday.

Turkish Foreign Minister Dr. Ahmet Davutoglu said Friday Turkey is downgrading diplomatic ties to the level of second secretary. He also said Turkey was suspending all military agreements signed between the former allies, saying “it is time Israel pays a price.”

Ankara took the decision when the contents of the UN report on May 31, 2010 Jewish commandos raid on Turkish boat the Mavi Marmara carrying civilian aid workers to Gaza in effort to break 4-year-old Jewish blockade – was leaked to Israeli officials and published in The New York Times on September 1, 2011.

The 105-page report, expected to be released Friday, also found that when Israeli commandos boarded the main ship, they faced “organized and violent resistance from a group of passengers” and were therefore required to use force for their own protection. But the report called the force “excessive and unreasonable,” saying that the loss of life was unacceptable and that the Israeli military’s later treatment of passengers was abusive.

Turkish Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan has long insisted an Israeli apology and compensation for the murder of nine Turk aid workers in international waters. Benji Netanyahu has refused to apologized on the lame excuse that such act will demoralized Israeli Jews and give Arabs a message of country’s weakness. However, Benji’s aides say he might be willing to pay compensations and issue a statement of ‘regret’.

The UN report was prepared by a panel of four. The panel is chaired by former prime minister of New Zealand, Jeffrey Palmer – who is assisted by former Colombian president and ‘Israel-Firster’, Alvaro Uribe, and has one Turkish and one Israeli member.

The release of the report was delayed several times under Washington pressure – giving it time to bring Israel’s old ally back into the Jewish bed against pro-Palestinian regimes (Iran, Lebanon, Syria, Pakistan, etc.) in the region.

The Palmer report negates UN’s earlier report prepared by South African Zionist Jewish judge, Richard Goldstone, which had blasted the Zionist regime for its Zionazi actions. The Palmer report, instead, says Turkey and Israel “should resume full diplomatic relations, repairing their relationship in the interests of stability in the Middle East and international peace and security”, according to the New York Times.

Interestingly, Tel Aviv also knew the verdict of UN Special Tribunal on Lebanon (STL) against Hizbullah months before the official release of the report.

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