Prostitution is a legal kosher business in Israel-Firster Angela Markel’s Germany. They enrich German economy by paying taxes – the level of which varies from region to region. However, many of pimps and prostitutes are found to cheat on government like many German fatcats. To counter this abuse (not the kosher ones), the prostitutes in Bonn are forced to buy a ticket from one of the sex tax meters for as little as $8.72 per night. I suppose, it would be an extra cost to the customer who wants to enjoy ‘honey-pot’ sex for the night.

In Tel Aviv, such meters could be called ‘kosher honeytrap meter’ – as Israeli Rabbi Ari Schvat gave ‘fatwa’ last year – blessing Jewsh women for providing sex for the interests of state of Israel. Rabbi claimed that Jewish Esther slept with Goyim Persian King Ahasuerus (500 BC), not because she was married to him, but she used sex to save her people. Though, Rabbi Ari was blessing Mossad’s Jewish women, who are recruited to use sex to get secrets from their clients – but the ruling could be applied to Israeli prostitutes who could help Zionist regime by generating more tax money. Israel has world largest sex espionage network.

In February 2011, Sen. Harry Reid became a celebrity when he told the Neva lawmakers:”Nevada has to be known as the first place for innovation and investment and not the last place where prostitution is still legal”. Well, prostitution has always been a ‘cash cow’ for the governments in the West. Why else you think the Zionist entity has 280 legalized brothels in Tel Aviv city alone!

Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) voted for the invasion of Iraq (1991 and 2003) and Afghanistan (2001) – but had upset the Jewish Lobby in 2006 by agreeing with Senator Chuck Hagel (R-NE) that there is no good military option in Iran because the US and its allies are already trapped inside Iraq and Afghanistan. He advised Washington to open diplomatic channel with Tehran, like Germany and France, and negotiate a solution to Iran’s nuclear program.

According to theUS-based Family Research Council: “Each year, right under our noses, 100,000 American children each year are victimized by sex traffickers. Make no mistake, this is not a problem that’s just “over there.” These heinous crimes are happening in our own backyards”.

On October 19, 2010 – Israeli daily Ha’aretz had reported that Dizenoff Center mall in Tel Aviv uses window display of women for sale. Last week Benji Netanyahu’s wife fired a Nepalese caregiver Tara Kumari, who was forced to work 24-hours a day, seven day a week while not paid fully.