Yesterday, the call for a million protest march across 50 Israeli cities became a reality despite Zionist regime’s recent acts of diversion aka problems with Egypt and Turkey.

I don’t feel sorry for these parasite foreign Jews living on land stolen from the native Muslim and Christian Palestinians and $3000 billion sucked out of American taxpayers since 1970s. However, I read that finally these protesting Jews have started accepting the Arab Israelis as their brothers-in-suffering. It’s reported that during the large protest in August in Haifa (a Muslim-majority city before 1948), both Jewish and Muslim leaders shared the dais and the demands; a shift on government priorities, social justice for all Israelis, education for all, public housing for all and lower electricity, water and fuel rates.

As a matter of record, not a single Arab village or town has been built by the Zionist regime since 1949. More than 95% of building in Arab sector is private construction and the remaining 5% is paid by the government. On the other hand, 90% of construction in the Jewish sector is paid by the government.

Riad Kabha, former Mayor of Israeli Arab town of Barta’a and director of the Jewish-Arab Center for Peace wrote in the Jewish daily Forward: “Slowly but surely, more and more Jewish protesters who have taken to the streets are begining to understand that social justice cannot relate only to Jews. And more and more Israeli Arabs now believe there is atleast a chance that partnership with the Jews will smash the glass ceiling blocking their advancement and open the door to a better social and economic future”.

The protesters in Tel Aviv chanted: “Get off your balconies, the country is collapsing” and “Bibi, Bibi, go home“, referring to their demand that Benji Netanyahu resign.

Thanks to Washington and Diaspora Jews’ financial help – Israel has escaped the global financial crisis. However, statistics show Israel’s middle class is shrinking rapidly as wealth has increasingly become concetrated among a small group of Jewish fatcats and Jewish crime-lords.

It seems the large majority of ‘have not’ Israeli Jews is finding the true face of Capitalism that has enriched a tiny Israeli elite.

Those ‘self-hating’ Jew protesters in Israel | Rehmat's World