The first two-day International Islamic Conference concluded in Tehran on Sunday. The conference was attended by 600 delegates from 80 countries.

The event was inaugurated with a keynote address by Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei on Saturday. Ayatollah Khamenei cautioned those regional nations that have succeeded in toppling Western-backed despotic rulers not to ever trust the US and its European allies with repeated involvement in their post-revolutionary affairs.

“Never trust the US, NATO, and criminal regimes such as Britain, France and Italy that have plundered your countries for such a long time. Be suspicious of them and never believe their smiles,” said the leader.

Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who delivered a speech at the closing ceremony of the conference, echoed remarks made by the leader, warning the revolutionary nations to remain wary of American and Israeli schemes and to adopt every possible measure to avert any interference by Washington and Tel Aviv.

“We should all take great care not to jump out of the frying pan into the fire,” he pointed out, adding that the nations should not allow US and the Zionist regime (Israel) to “be thrown out of one door and return from another.”

The representative of the Palestinian Hamas movement in Tehran, Khaled al-Qoddoumi, said: “The return of Beit al-Moghaddas (Jerusalem) is the demand of Islamic awakening”.

“Governments in Egypt and Tunisia that were supporters of the Israeli regime on the Middle-East’s political scenes have now collapsed and this is a threat to Israel, the enemy,” he stated.

Qoddoumi pointed to the expulsion of the Israeli envoy from Egypt and anti-Israeli demonstrations in Tunisia, and stressed that people in region want a return of Beit al-Moghaddas to Muslims.

The conference created a permanent secretariat headed by former Foreign Minister Dr. Ali Akbar Velayati, as well as an international advisory board to monitor unfolding developments.

Observers of Iranian affairs have noted the spectacular comeback of Dr. Velayati on the political scene and his knighting by Ayatollah Khamenei, to whom he has always been very close. It is probable he will be the Supreme Leader’s candidate in Iran’s next presidential elections, the Constitution preventing Mahmoud Ahmadinejad from seeking another term in office. Hence, the final declaration of the conference would appear to be the road map for Velayati’s possible candidacy: to unite the Muslim revolutionary movements and to assume their leadership.

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