Listening to world leaders at the 66th UN General Assembly session did expose the double standards of the leaders of those countries which pleaded UN General Assembly in 1947 – for the rights of European Jews to have a homeland on 54% of Palestine. The Jews made only one-third of country’s population while owning only 7% of the land.

Both the Nobel Peace wining Barack Obama and the mass murderer Benji Ntanyahu told the 193-member UNGA that Palestinian cannot have their state even on the 22% of their ancestral land without the blessing of the Zionist regime.

Iran’s President Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that pre-1948 Palestine belongs to its native Palestinians and the Zionist regime has no right to exist there.

Lebanon’s President Michel Suleiman said that his country supports the UN membership of an independent Palestinian state as a first step – but could not be considered a final solution to the Palestinian issue, as stipulated by the concept of justice and the international legitimacy resolutions. The Turkish Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan expressed similar views.

The PLO President Mahmoud Abbas in his speech presented an olive branch to the Jew occupiers by promising on behalf the entire nine million Palestinians that he will be more than happy to have a Palestinian state on 22% of historic Palestine. He also promised not to wage a military resistance against the illegal Jewish settlers and agreed that the internationally recognized rights of the five million native Palestinians to return to their home from where their ancestors were expelled by the foreign Jews, to be ‘negotiated’ with the Zionist regime in the future.

The standing ovation Abbas received proved that the necessary two-third majority needed to over-rule UN Security Council’s rejection of Abbas’ application. Obama has threatened to veto if nine or more members of the 15-member UNSC voted in favor of State of Palestine as its new 194th member. So far, only two of UNSC non-permanent members, Germany and Colombia, have announced to vote against Abbas’s application. The remaining eight non-permanent members (Brazil, Gabon, India, Lebanon, Nigeria, South Africa, Portugal and Bosnia-Herzegovina) are being vowed by both Israeli and Palestinian sides. Among five permanent-members of the UNSC France and Britain remain reportedly unclear. Russia and China are expected either to vote in favor of Palestine or abstain. For any decision to pass in the 15-member Security Council, nine affirmative votes are needed, as well as no veto by any of the permanent members.

Hamas which governs Gaza since 2006 – has called Abbas’s UN bid a SCAM because Mahmoud Abbas is not an elected president of Palestinian people. His madate to represent Palestinian majority expired in January 2009. He has been kept in his position by the US, EU and Israel to sign on the final sell-out of Palestinian rights.

So why the US, EU, Canada and Israel are against this symbolic UN membership by totally discredited PA? The same PA which has received hundreds of million dollars of aid and military training from the US, EU and Canada to fight the democratically elected government of Hamas in 2006. The only thing the PA will achieve, if accepted, to further discredit the Islamic Resistance Hamas as the true representative of Palestinian people and provide some opprtunity to drag Israeli criminals to Zionist occupied International Criminal Court (ICC). PA’s UN membership will not force Israel to lift its five-year-old embargo against Gaza.

Personally, I believe if Netanyahu is smart enough – he would support Abbas’ UN bid as a tool to bring a regime-change in Gaza by NATO’s Libyan-style.

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