Benji Netanyahu received Gilad Shalit 24, Israel Occupation Force (IOF) soldier who was captured five years ago by Palestinian freedom-fighters during a raid on IOF outpost. He was released on Tuesday in exchange for expected release of 1000 out of 9,000 Palestinians in Israeli jails. The great majority of these prisoners are non-combatants captured or abducted by Jew soldiers from PA territories, Syrian Golan Heights and Lebanon.

Interestingly, the Zionist regime gave in to the same demands Hamas made five years ago. Lebanese Islamic Resistance Hizbullah has called it a great victory for Hamas.

Lebanon’s President Gen. Michael Suleiman told Zionist regime on Tuesday: “The prisoner swap between Israel and the Palestinians should stand as a lesson to Israel that its policies of war and aggression are useless.”

In an interview Gilad gave to Egyptian TV (watch video below) just after handed over to Israeli reception committee – have sent waves of shocks in the Zionist entity. He told the interviewer that he is feeling well. Though, kept in isolation most of the time, he said he had access to TV and radio. Gilad also said that he hoped his release would bring peace between Palestinians and Israelis.

When asked if he will campaign for the release of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli captivity, Gilad replied: “I would be happy if they are released”.

Asked if he felt he was forgotten, Gilad replied: “I knew my family and many people in Israel were doing everything they could to get me released. I used to see it in the news”.

Asked why Egyptian mediation succeeded in securing the exchange deal, Gilad replied: “I think it’s due to Egypt’s good relations with both Israel and Hamas”.

“Obviously I missed my family,” Gilad replied when asked what he missed the most during his captivity.

“Gilad has returned home,” the Jewish army’s chief spokesman Brigadier General Yoav Mordechai told reporters after Gilad crossed into Palestinian occupied territories. He was first handed to Egyptian officials by Hamas. Yoav described Shalit’s state of health as “good and satisfactory.”

Hamas has declared Tuesday a national holiday and erected a giant podium in Gaza City’s Al-Katiba Park, where the prisoners appeared after they cross into the Palestinian enclave from Egypt. Prime Minister Ismail Haniya, members of his government, relatives and tens of thousands of onlookers welcomeed the prisoners and PA President Mahmoud Abbas delivered a speech on this occasion

Gilad Shalit: ‘Released but upsets Zionist regime’ | Rehmat's World