On Tuesday, Israel-Firster Hillry Clinton declared in Tripoli: “We hope he (Qaddafi) can be captured or killed soon so that you don’t have to fear him any longer. I am proud to stand here on the soil of free Libya. The United State was proud to stand for you in your fight for freedom and we will continue to stand with you as you continue this journey“. She was talking to supporters of US-backed anti-Qaddafi Transitional National Council (TNC).

Her lies reminded me of the lies Dubya Bush made to Afghan people 10 years ago and to Iraqis eight years ago. But Hillary is right about one thing – the US-NATO occupation forces will be on Libyan soil for decades to come like in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Hillary met the warlord of TNC Mahmoud Jabril, Qaddafi’s former Minister of Justice and offered him another $11 million in aid. Since western-sponsored militants anti-Qaddafi riots in February, Washington has given the rebel $135 million out of the $100 billion Libyan assets frozen by Barack Obama. According to some Israeli sources, 13,000 Jews survivors from Libya, now living in Israel and Britain are planning to ask for their shares from this Libyan booty.

Libya is the third Muslim country occupied by the US-NATO through propaganda lies, distortion of facts and naked military aggression. And in all three cases, Israel has been the driving force behind these propaganda lies and aggressions.

Some of the readers may not have heard the hoax of Libyan Hit Squad, which made front page of the Washington Post for three weeks soon after Ronald Reagan moved into the White House in 1981. It was story of how Qaddafi’s hired hitmen from Middle East had reached Canada via Europe and were about to cross into United States. Washington got so scared of this ‘highly reliable’ information – it built heavy concrete barriers around the White House, Capitol Hill and State Department – some of which are still there. However, the hoax started to crumble when someone realized the names of the ‘hitmen’ reported by the Washington Post happened to be Shia names, who could not have agreed to collaborate with anti-Shia Qaddafi.

Suddenly the hit squads disappeared from The Post, never to return. Five years later, a two-line item in The Post told the truth. The item appeared in a story, not about the hit squads, but about the Iran-Contra scandal, the worst foreign policy scandal in U.S. history.

Manucher Ghorbanifar, a small-time Iranian exile working in Washington for Mossad, Israel’s secret intelligence service, confessed in 1986 that he had dreamed up the hit squads. Why? “To hurt Libya, an enemy of Israel.”

Israeli diplomat Oded Yinon’s 1982 study entitled “A Strategy for Israel in the 1980s” detailed Zionist plan to divide Iraq, Lebanon, Iran, Syria, Egypt, Turkey, Sudan, Somalia, Pakistan and Libya into smaller and weaker states like Kuwait and Bahrain. Israel with the help of the US and NATO have already completed plan’s first-stage in division of Sudan, Iraq and Somalia. Now, Israel is targetting Syria, Islamic Republic, Egypt and Turkey as the second-stage of the Yinon Plan.

Hillary Clinton: ‘US wants Qaddafi dead’ | Rehmat's World