In the West, Holocaust and anti-Semitism labels are applied to silence criticism of Israel, Jews and Zionism. On the other hand, the term ‘Islamist’ is applied to a Muslim who challenges the western crimes in the Muslim world or demands equal rights as religious minority in the non-Muslim world.

A great majority of Muslims and non-Muslims are brainwashed by the Zionist-controlled mainstream media and they repeat these term without realizing the real agenda of western colonial powers behind these labels. For example, I read an article by Kevin Barrett PhD, entitled Where Qaddafi Failed, Islam Will Succeed on his blog. I respect Kevin Barrett for his Jihad against Zionists lies that Muslims were involved in 9/11. However, I suspect, as a convert to Islam, he too has been fooled by western definition of ‘Islamist’.

Before discussing Dr. Barrett’s article – I like to say that a true Islamist will never seek or accept help from proven anti-Muslim Kuffars (non-Muslims) to achieve his/her political goals. Nor he/she will participate in a foreign military invasion and actively take part in helping foreign colonial powers to kill his/her fellow Muslims, destroy Muslim lands’ infrastructure and promise the invaders to let them exploit Muslim natural resources. There is a Prophetic saying (Haddith) that when two Muslims fight with each other (for personal gains) with the intention of killing his opponent – both are destined for hell-fire no matter who wins.

Having said that – I am sure Dr. Barrett will realize that the NATO-supported new Libyan rulers are neither ‘Islamists’ nor Believers. The 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran proved to Muslims how to bring a non-violent Islamic regime change under the leadership of pious and non-corrupt Muslim in their respective countries ruled by western appointed and supported secularist and hypocrite (munafiq) Muslims.

Dr. Barrett is right when he says that Qaddafi failed because he believed in ‘Pan-Arab’ and ‘Pan-African’ nationalism. However, that was not the reason Qaddafi was hated by the West. In fact, the French, British and Italian leaders who were demanding ICC to hang Qaddafi on charges of manslaughter – used to receive Qaddafi in Paris, London and Rome as guest of honor. The problem began when Qaddafi started helping Arican states financially to avoid them ending up like Greece, Iceland and Spain. The western colonial powers which control IMF, WB and other international monetary institutions – took Qaddafi as an obstruction to their rape of resourceful African continent.

Saddam Hussein (2000) and Iran (2007) had threatened US dollar by switching to dollar-Euro fifty-fifty. Qaddafi’s did float the idea of a Gold Dinar to free Africa of western dollar imperialism. However, with libya’s 144 ton of gold, Qaddafi could not do it alone. He needed Muslim rich countries like Saudi Arabia, Islamic Iran, UAE and Malaysia on board. He could not achieve that as with the exception of Iran all other countries are western-client states and Qaddafi never liked Shia Iran.

The removal and death of Qaddafi is a great loss for Libyan and the rest of Africa. Libyan lost their second Umar al-Mukhtar to NATO’s mercenaries and thugs while the first was hanged by the Italian colonists on September 14, 1931. As far the rest of Africans, they lost a hero. Former US Congresswoman, Cynthia Ann McKinney said it all:”The US have denied self-determination to Africans inside the US, so we are not surprised by anything the US would do to hinder the self-determination of Africans on the continent“.

Some of West’s other ‘Islamists’ include Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, Jordan and Syria; Al-Nahda in Tunisia, Jamait-e-Islami in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh; PAS in Malaysia and FIS in Algeria. Interestingly, all these parties started as ‘faith-preaching’ organizations and not political parties. Even now, none of these parties are interested in establishing a Islamic theocracy like in Iran or pro-West religious dictatorship like in Saudi Arabia. Leaders of some these parties are even allergic to being called ‘Islamists’, such as, Rachid Ghannouchi of Al-Nahda. Syrian Muslim Brotherhood has no quam sharing conferences (Paris) and forums (Brookings, Doha) with Israelis. All of them are quite happy to share power with the western puppets – as long as, they’re allowed to have some Islamic face-lifting, such as, interest-free banking, liquor and gambling prohibition, biblical punishment for adultery and hijab. Otherwise, they all want to keep mosque seperate from the government as commanded by the Judeo-Christian Bible.

One of Libya’s leading cleric Ali al-Sallabihas has called for “moderate Islam (Made in USA)” in the post-Qaddafi era.

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