As another proof that the majority of 1% rich elites are Jewish – the Jewish Lobby in a desperate move has accused Occupy Wall Street movement having ties with Egyptian moderate Islamic movement Muslim Brotherhood.

Interestingly, when nearly 700 Jews held Yom Kipur (Kol Nidre) service during Occupy Wall Street protests in Manhattan, none of these anti-Islam Zionazis blamed Israel’s terrorist Likud Party being behind the OWS. Similar Jewish services were held at Occupy Wall Street camps in Washington, Philadelphia and Boston.

The notorious Islamophobe Robert Spencer’s website Jihad Watch claims that Occupy Orlando is a move by a Muslim activist Shayan Elahi to take over control of Occupy Orlando, in the ‘spirit of the Arab Spring. Shayan Elahi is accused of being associated with Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Pro-Israel blogs like The United West, World Net Daily, Bare Naked Islam, Tea Party Tribune, Act! For America and many others have written similar anti-Islam rants.

Glenn Beck’s The Blaze wrote a post saying, “They say one can tell a lot about people by the company they keep. If that adage is true, what does the Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR) endorsement of Occupy Wall Street — and the organization’s choice to conduct Friday ‘Jummah’ prayers in Zuccotti Park — tell us about both CAIR, and, the Occupy protesters?”

The Occupy Wall Street movement has, among other things, also been accused of anti-Jewish by the New York Times and other Jewish-owned mainstream media.

Muslim Brotherhood exists as an independent religious-social organizations in Egypt, Jordan and Syria. Jordan is the only country where Muslim Brotherhood is allowed to participate in country’s ‘token parliament’. In Jordan, the King has the power to appoint Prime Minister, cabinet ministers – dismiss the parliament and rule by decree. However, Muslim Brotherhood’s religious influence can be found in Iran, Turkey, Morocco, Pakistan, Occupied Palestine, Tunisia, Iraq, India, Bangladesh and Algeria.

Jewish Lobby feels that democracy in the Muslim world will bring pro-Muslim Brotherhood people in power in some of these countries which could hasten the doom of Zionist colonialism in the Muslim world.

In March 2011 – Richard Cohen wrote an Op-Ed in the Washington Post, entitled ‘A democratic Egypt or a state of hate?‘ – in which he whined that a democratic Egypt would turn into Hizbullah-controlled Lebanon, making the Islamic Iran even more important regional power. “This is the most dire prospect of them all. The dream of a democratic Egypt is sure to produce a nightmare,” wrote Cohen.

Lobby: ‘OWS has ties to Muslim Brotherhood’ | Rehmat's World