Toronto Sheraton Centre hotel cancelled a Muslim conference as result of Jewish and gay organizations ran a smear compaign against some of its speakers. The conference scheduled for October 23, 2011 – was cancelled after daily The Toronto Star published (October 12, 2011) an article, entitled ‘Speakers at Muslim conference noted for disparaging gays and Jews‘. The article was written by Daniel Dale.

The conference was sponsored by British Islamic Education and Research Academy (IERA), an Islamic propagation organization. The theme of the conference was “Calling the World back to Allah“. It was to be addressed by Canada’s welknown Afro-American convert Abdullah Hakim Quick PhD, Malaysian Buddhist convert Sheikh Hussain Yee, Greek-British convert Hamza Andreas Tzortzis and British convert Abdur Raheem Green.

Howard English, senior vice-president of the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs, said Wednesday that he was “very concerned” about both conference and the IERA’s attempt to establish itself in Canada. He called the speakers’ views “reprehensible.”

The Jewish Defence League (JDL) has acknowledged on its website on October 14, 2011 that the conference was cancelled due to pressure brought to bear by ADL, Micheal Coren TV Show and the article in the Toronto Star. The JDL had been branded as a terrorist organization by FBI, State Department and US courts. The Independent Jewish Voices (Canada) had claimed on its website that it was JDL which had advised Canada’s Prime minister Stephen Harper to ban former British MP George Galloway’s entry into Canada for his criticism of Israel.

Daniel Dale in his article gave the impression that he actually interviewed one of the speakers, Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick, a social activist and former columnist at the Toronto Star. In response to Dale’s Zionist propaganda piece, Dr. Quick’s , claimed in Toronto Star (October 27): “I was never interviewed by Mr. Dale for this article. Instead the reader was presented with selection from sermons and lectures that were taken out of context and that stretched over 30 years”.

Now, let me respond to Dale’s allegations against these Muslim converts.

1. Dale has claimed Hussain Yee said that “Jews is the most extremist nation in the world and that Jews perpetrated and celebrated the 9/11 attacks“.

Hitorically, Jews have never been a ‘nation’ for the last 2000 years. They’re known as Romans, Hungarian, Russian, British, Arabs, etc. Jewish historian Shlomo Sand even claimed a few years ago that Jews were “invented” only a century ago.

Five Israeli Jews were arrested for dancing in front of WTC on September 11, 2001. There are numerous scholars and scientists who believe that 9/11 was an ‘in-house’ job carried out with the help of Israeli Mossad. For example, Dr. Alan Sabrosky, an American academic with Jewish ancestry, said in an interview early this year: “9/11: Israel did it“.

2. Dale claims Hamza Andreas Tzortzis has “argued that open displays of homosexuality should be made a crime“.

Homosexuality, is indeed forbidden by both OT and NT and the biblical punishment for this behavior is death. “If a man also lie with a mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them,” Leviticus 20:13.

Holy Qur’an, on the other hand, calls homosexuality ‘un-natural’ and commands the Believer to avoid and repent such practice. However, death punishment is not prescribed in Holy Qur’an.

I have no problem with over 28 million gays and lesbians in the US and Canada and their supporters like Daniel Dale and others. However, it’s their double standards which I laugh at. For example, last year, some of anti-conference groups and individuals were behind Stephen Harper government’s decision not to give $400,000 in funds to Toronto Gay Parade organization, not because Harper and Jason Kenney are ‘new-born’ Christians – but because the parade was attended by Israeli members of Queers Against Israeli Apartheid, a group which is against Israeli occupation.

I am sure Dale will not write for the resignation of Harper’s Conservative MP David Sweet, the former president of anti-gay Christian organization Promise Keeper Canada – who told the Toronto Star in a 2002 interview that homosexuality is a major sin. “We take the Scriptures as the word of God. We look at homosexuality behaviour and say that’s not what’s prescribed in the Scripture”.

And finally, it’s worth listening to Christian priest Ted Pike, who wrote in July 2010 that when it comes to gay and lesbian rights, Jews have always in the front rows. It’s not that they’re commanded by the Old Testament to do that, but because “they are driven by militant Judaism to breakdown Christian civilization so total Jewish control can be achieved“.

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