On October 31, 2011 – United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) approved Palestinian membership in a vote of 107-14 with 52 abstentions. The Jewish lackeys American lawmakers have threatened to stop US contribution of $80 million (22% of total budget) to UNESCO for its anti-Semitic action. This proves once again that Washington cannot dare to offend Israel.

White House spokesman Jay Carney said the UN cultural agency’s decision was “regrettable” and “premature” and that it undermines the international community’s shared goal to a “comprehensive, just and lasting peace” between Israel and the Palestinians.

“The UNESCO General Conference’s action does not diminish our determination to work with UNESCO to advance U.S. national interests. Therefore, we will maintain our membership in UNESCO and our commitment to UNESCO,” Hillary Clinton’s State Department spokesperson said.

Nimrod Barkan, the Zionist entity’s ambassador at United Nations has called Palestine membership “a tragedy”.

This s not the first time Washington stopped funding UNESC. It did during Ronald Reagan’s presidency when it left UNESCO. Washington rejoined UNESCO during Dubya Bush’s presidency.

To US-Israel great surprise, Sarkozy’ France was the only ZOG which voted in favour of Palestinian membership.

Earlier, as the vote was under way, applause broke out after some countries voted in favor of the bid. Watch a video below.

There was laughter in the room after Israel voted no.

Palestine joins UNESCO | Rehmat calling