Former US secretary of state, Dr. Condoleeza Rice visited Israel in 2000 for the first time. Later she gave an interview to Israeli daily Yediot Aharnot saying she “already then felt that I am returning home despite the fact that this was a place I never visited”. She also told the daily, “I have a deep affinity with Israel”. Ms Rice is daughter of a Presbyterian priest and “was brought up on the very moving stories of the Holy Land. They mean a lot to me. When I first visited Mt. Olives, Lake Kinneret, Jerusalem, I felt a very deep emotional experience,” she said.

She thinks “that we, Israel and the US share common values,” and that the “security of Israel is the key to the security of the world”. However, in her Zionist self-denial, she did not tell her Israeli readers that the security of 4.5 million foreign Jews lies in the security of 4 million native Muslim and Christian Palestinians. In fact Ms Rice needs security for her is a forlorn life. No marriage, no children, no boyfriend, no living parents, no siblings! She must, therefore, first get hold of the key to her own Presbyterian spiritual sanctuary instead of lecturing others about ‘American values’.

“Our present challenge is not China or Brazil or India, and certainly not Europe. The challenge is the United States gone bad,” Rice told a packed Belk Theater on the Campus of Queen University in Charlotte (NC). While she was speaking inside, a group of Campus students protested outside carrying banners “Convict Condi for her war crimes“.

It looks like Condoleeza Rice is planning to make a comeback by attacking Israel’s ‘perceived enemies’. She told CNN that nuclear Pakistan is a continuing problem for both the US and Afghanistan.

“Pakistan is a continuing problem for Afghanistan and a continuing problem for us. It’s really that frontier between the two countries that is the most dangerous threat to not just Afghanistan but I think also to Pakistan,” Rice told CNN.

Last week, Ms Rice in an interview with Zionist Christiane Amanpour (daughter of Iranian father and British mother) of ABC said that Washington should keep military presence after December 31, 2011 in order to “deal with their somewhat meddlesome neighbor in Iran”. Rice also admitted that Taliban are not anywhere near being defeated and both the US and NATO are not in a position to dictate Taliban to work with Karzai government in Kabul.

Condoleeza Rice told Christiane Amanpour that “it’s time to confront the Iranian regime, because it’s the poster child for state sponsorship of terrorism”. One wonder how Israel had been established in 1948 without the Jewish terrorism? I would highly recommend her to study Jewish Terrorism in Israel, a book written by two Israeli historians, Ami Pedahzur and Arie Perlinger.

Rice in her memoirs, ‘No Higher Honor’, published on Friday, has claimed that Libyan leader Qaddafi had she had a “slightly eerie fascination with me personally, asking visitors why his ‘African princess,’ wouldn’t visit him.” After looking at Ms Rice photo (top left), I bet she is lying!

Condi Rice: ‘I’ve a deep affinity with Israel’ | Rehmat's World