On Sunday, AFP reported that Zioist entity’s defense minister Ehud Barak hailed the deadly munitions blast at a base of Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards and hoped for more such incidents.

“I don’t know the extent of the explosion,” he told military radio, when asked about the incident. “But it would be desirable if they multiply.”

The blast occured at IRGC military base at Bidganeh, 21 miles west of Tehran, on Saturday. It martyred 17 Revolutionary Gurads including Maj. Gen. Hassan Moqqadam, while wounding another 16 people. IRGC’s Lt. Gen. Ramezan Sharif cited the “relocation of ammunition” as the cause of the accident.

Israel’s major newspapers gave Moosad the credit for the blast. Former senior Mossad officer Gad Shimron also confirmed Mossad’s involvement (along with Iranian terrorist group MEK) in the blast.

“Don’t believe Iranian that it was an accident,” Jewish-owned Time magazine quoted a Western intelligence official (read CIA) on November 13, 2011. The Western official insisted that widespread assumptions that Israel’s Mossad was responsible for the blast, was correct. The official also claimed that more plans to sabotage Iran’s missile program exist, telling Time, “there are more bullets in the magazine“.

According to Israeli media, the blast’s main target was Maj. Gen. Hassan Moqqadam who, allegedly, was involved in transfer of Iranian arms to Islamic Resistance groups, Hamas and Hizbullah. Reportedly, his contacts included Mahmoud al-Mabouh (Hamas) and Syrian Gen. Muhammad Suleiman (Hizbullah) – both of them were assassinated by Mossad hit-teams a few years ago.

The recent blast have brought support for Ahmadinejad’s regime from prominent opposition leader, former president, Ayatullah Mohammad Khattami.

“If there should day be any military interference in Iran, then all factions, regardless of reformists or non-reformists, would get united and confront the attack,” he wrote on his official website.

Israel takes credit for blast at Iran’s military base | Rehmat's World