Turkey’s top daily, Milliyet, has reported that French military forces are training Syrian rebels belonging to the US-Israel sponsored ‘Free Syrian Army’ in Turkey and Lebanon. The daily has also claimed that France, Britain and Turkey have agreed to send arms into Syria to bring a regime change in Damascus.

The Turkish daily also stated that the governments of the three countries have received green light from Washington to support the Syrian rebels in every possible way.

The influential French Israel-Firster Jew, Bernard-Henri Levy is running a vicious anti-Bashar campaign and putting pressure on the Crypto-Jew French President Nicolas Sarkosy to eliminate Assad like Qaddafi earlier. Levi ran a similar anti-Muslim campaign against Pakistan in 1971 which resulted in the dismemberment of the country and creation of Bangladesh. Levi is one of the founders of the Libyan rebel National Transitional Council (NTC). Levi had convinced Sarkozy to become the first head of state to recognize NTC in exile. Later, Levi met Israeli Prime Minister Benji Netanyahu and informed him that NTC leaders had promised to recognize Israel. On July 2011 – Bernard-Henri Levi organized a conference of Syrian rebel groups which was attended by Israeli officials and a member of Syria’s Muslim Brotherhood.

In a revealing installment of his weekly column at Le Point magazine titled “Endgame in Syria,” Bernard-Henri Levy claims that Syrian opposition figures he’s in touch with are increasingly coming around to the view that military intervention, Libya-style, may be the only way to get rid of the regime in Damascus.

Levy, who bragged in his last book about the strong influence he has over French President Nicolas Sarkozy, confessed that the two conspired together to marginalize the French foreign ministry so that it would not impede NATO’s intervention in Libya.

In his recent column, Levy reveals secret efforts he has undertaken in the past few months to convince Syrian opposition figures to support him in what he calls the “Gaddafi theory.”

In the column, Levi admits that what is holding back France, Britain, the US and NATO to conduct Libyan-style direct military intervention in Syria – is because Syrian opposition leaders whom he met told him that “they would prefer to die than say the word ‘intervention’ or ‘international intervention’.”