The other day, I read a very long article publshed in Red Scribblings blog in which the writer tried in vain to make a comparison between “Political Islam and Jewish identity politics” while discussing Gilad Atzmon’s latest book ‘The Wandering Who’.

The writer who claims to represent the so-caleed “progressive and socialist” thinking – can be excused for his ignorance of Islam.

“There is nothing odious or even unusual about the logic Atzmon uses to divide Jews into three categories. A very similar schema can be used to divide up Muslims, and many of Atzmon’s most vehement critics would have no problem in making such distinctions. One could say that a first category Muslim is simply an ordinary believer who is purely religious in motivation and does not concern himself or herself with politics. A second category Muslim is a believer who may well involve themselves in politics in some way, but does not make the Muslim religion or identity the focal point of their political activity. The third category of Muslim would then be a Muslim who is involved in political activity whose central aim is to promote Islam, or the perceived interest of Muslims, as their prime concern and reason for political activity,” the author asserted.

The truth is, there are no “three categories” of Muslims in Islam. Gilad Atzmon and I had discussed this topic on ‘peacepalestine’ and my blog a while ago.

Islam is the only monotheist religion left in the world. It demands from its ‘true followers’ to implement the Divine message in Holy Qur’an and take the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) life as model to follow. Which means that a Believer has to live within Islamic boundaries from BIRTH TO DEATH – making Islam a FAITH and NOT a religion like Judaism, Christianity or Hinduism.

There is no political Islam (a term coined by anti-Muslim Zionist Jew, Dr. Daniel Pipes). Islam doesn’t divide its followers’ loyalty to the Church and Cesar as is the case in the Bible. The Divine obligation of all the biblical prophets was to create a society in which the observants live under the Divine Laws. Islam demands the same. That’s why, the Prophet (pbuh) created the first Islamic State of Medina in 624 CE. Under Islamic Shari’ah – Islamic state leadership must be honest, patriotic and practicing Muslim. There is no place for sex maniacs like Bill Clinton or George Bush or Joseph Stalin or Moshe Katsav or Saudi ‘royals’ in Islamic leadership.

The community “collectiveness” in Islam is totally different from Judaism. It’s base on faith being practiced and not on ‘mother’s religion’ as the case in Judaism. It’s also devoid of skin color and nationality or tribalism. Islam, call it UMMAH, which is a FARD (must) for every practicing Muslim.

Islam is totally against ‘nationalism’, ‘tribalism’ and ‘secularism’. Islam also doesn’t believe in the western ‘democracy’ which was created by the 1% to rule the 99%. Islam believes in a sort of ‘theocracy’ as being practiced in Iran currently.

In a nutshell – it’s useless to demonize Islam by comparing it with corrupted religions or man-made dogmas like Communism, Socialism, Nazism or Zionism. A true Believer is whom the Zionists and atheists call Radical Muslim – and personally, I have no problem with that.

Australian-born, atheist journalist, author and US political and social commentator, CJ Werleman’s, recent translation of Holy Qur’an and critical review of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), entitled Koran Curious debunks a lot of Zionists’ lies about Islam. His personal website can be found here.

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