As millions of Egypt’s ‘silent majority’ joins the first phase of the ‘symbolic’ parliamentary polls – the Zionist regime is scaring the hell out of the western world by predicting a victory for the Muslim Brotherhood. In fact, Muslim Brotherhood movement is not even allowed to take part as a political party in the election. Many of its supporters during Mubarak dictatorship, have left the party to start their own political parties, such as, the Freedom and Justic Party (the political wing of MB movement) headed by Mohamed Mursi and the Wasat Party headed by Abul Ela-Madi. The other noteable religious parties are; Salafist Nour and Asala, and Sufi Egyptian Liberation Party. It’s reported that close to 70 political parties are participating in this election.

However, most Egyptian political analyst believe that the Democratic Alliance, a group of 10 like-minded parties led by FJP will win the majority of votes but not majority in the Parliament. The Democratic alliance is contesting election under the slogan “For the good of Egypt” rather than the Muslim Brotherhood’s motto “Islam is the Solution“.

None of these so-called ‘Islamic groups’ are calling for the establishment of an ‘Iranian-style theocracy’. In fact the Salaafi groups are very anti-Iran, Hizbullah, Assad-regime in Syria – and practically every thing which moves like a Shia. These sectarian goons receive money and inspiration from the Wahhabi Saudi ‘royals’. Furthermore, none of these groups has called for abolishing diplomatic relation with Israel. However, they all support Palestinian cause and want the army to go back to baracks, so the civilian majority can participate in the day-to-day running of the country. Also, none of them wants to sell nation’s dignity for the $1.3 billion US annual military aid, which benefits Israel in low-price oil supply and petrolling of its borders by Egyptian security forces. Egypt has already lost over $80 billion by supplying cheaper oil to Israel since 1979 David Camp sellout by president Anwar Sadat.

Since the military coup in 1952, the Egyptian army has become a state-economy. It has invested in industries, banking, agriculture, technology, tourism and stocks. According to some sources Army controls 25% of country’s GDP. This is the very reason that US-Israel prefers military rule in Egypt to continue in some farm for the benefit of Israel.

Israel and its western poodles are, therefore, not in a mood to let another Israel’s Muslim neighbor escape their iron fist. They had lost Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and Iran in the past and very much scared to let Egypt, Jordan and Palestinian territories to go in the same direction.

On November 28, Benji Netanyahu told Jewish lawmakers that while Israel wants to bolster its peace treaty with Egypt, the region has destabilized by an ‘Islamist wave’. Earlier the war-criminal had claimed that Arab countries “are not moving forward toward progress, they’re moving backwards“.

Israelis are pinning their hopes on their poodles in Washington to make sure that Egyptians aspirations for a democratic, independent and a proud Muslim nation never materialize. A senior Israeli military officer is quoted saying: “Even if the Muslim Brotherhood is part of the next government, there is a long way to go before Egypt become a hostile entity. I don’t know what the military’s role will be in the future, but I don’t think there will be a total change because Egypt has enemies other than Israel“.

Egyptians vote and Israelis fret | Rehmat's World