Jewish billionaire Leon Cooperman, Founder of Omega Advisors, has sent a scathing open letter to Barack Obama on November 28, 2011 – blaming him for promoting ideas of class warfare by supporting Occupy Wall Street movement.

The Cooperman Family Fund a Jewish Future is America’s first endowment in support of Birthright Israel. The program which provides all expense-paid annual trips to Jews ages 18-26.

It looks silly to blame Obama for going against the interests of the global elites who put him in the White House in the first place. Jewish Rep. Abner Mikvaner, even called Sen. Barack Obama to be the first American Jewish President.

American writer and blogger, John Kaminski, in his latest post entitled Our leader derserve to be jailed, has called all US presidential candidates “an array of torpid and preprogrammed mannikins, who keep saying the same thing: “First, we have to pay down the deficit! The kind of person who takes these goons seriously is the enemy of every human being on the planet“. Why? Because the writer believes they all work for same Jewish elites who control Wall Street and the US government and its policies toward the Muslim world.

Former Presidential candidate, Sen. Mike Gravel, in a recent interview with RT, said that the US is liken a drunkard who charges to war with anyone who pose threat (to Israel). Mike called Benji Netanyahu a professional liar who is dragging the US into an illegal war with Iran based on his propaganda lies. Mike asserted that Iran is not an easy-kill like Iraq, Afghanistan or Libya. Iran has the conventional military power to inflict unimaginable colossal death and destruction to Israel and US allies in the region. His advice to Obama was to leave Islamic Republic alone. “They have brought back democracy which was destroyed by the US and Britain in 1953,” said Mike. He says that these illegal wars have bankrupted the country while making its citizens live in fear. Watch the interview below.

Cooperman: ‘Obama promotes class warfare’ | Rehmat's World