Two Zionist groups, the Florida Family Association (FFA) and Bare Naked Islam (BNI) are running a vicious campaign against The Learning Channel (TLC) reality TV show All-American Muslim. The eight-part series following the daily lives of a group of Muslims in Dearborn, Michigan, came on air last month (watch a short video below). TLC reaches almost 100 million American homes and more than 50 million other viewers in more than 30 international markets.

The BNI site is supported by some of America’s top Islamophobe like Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller whom the Norwegian serial killer Anders Breivik has credited for his hatred toward Muslims.

The Florida Family Association is a neoconsrvative group headed by a Zionist Jew David Caton who sent e-mails urging advertisers to boycott TLC, saying:

“The program will profile five Muslim families who live in Dearborn, Michigan. This show, since it is called ‘All-American Muslims,’ will most likely be void of any information regarding Muslims in the United States who want America controlled by Islamic Sharia law“.

Interestingly, while the Bible says that every female child is born in ’sin’ – Islamic Sharia law proclaims both male and female born pure (without sin). Furthermore, while Bible doesn’t give any inheritance to daughters – Islam commands daughters to receive inheritance which when she marries – cannot become her husband’s property.

Debbie Schlussel, on her blog, called the series preaching Ayatullah Khomeini’s radical Islam – meaning “wipe Zionist entity from map“.

Pity – Islamic Sharia doesn’t honor heroes of FFA, BNI and other Zionist creeps like Newt Gingrich, Sarah Palin or Elena Kagan. Newt Gingrich who cheated on his first two wives and then dumped them when they got terminally ill. His third wife, Marianne Gingrich, learned about Newt’s infidelity with a young staffer just after Marianne was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Joe McGinniss in his book ‘The rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin’, has claimed that Palin had a one-night stand with former NBA star Glen Rice nine months before her marriage to Todd. The book also details how Palin allegedly had a six-month affair with Todd’s friend and business partner Brad Hansan. As far as US Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan is concerned – she is reported lesbian Zionist Jew. She has ties with Israel Lobby (AIPAC). In February 2010, Kagan said: “Hizbullah builds bombs. Hizbullah also builds homes. What Congress decided was when you help Hizbullah build homes, you’re also helping Hizbullah build bombs. That’s the entire theory behind the statue”.

So far only the home retail store-chain Lowe’s has succumbed to Zionists’ lies about All-American Muslim and Islam.

A Jewish blogger, Alyssa Rosenberg, wrote on Think Progress:

“So much of the conversation about Islam in America in the aftermath of September 11 has been dominated and misdirected by conspiracy theorists like Geller rather than rational attempts at dialogue and understanding. And perhaps the greatest service All-American Muslim does is in demonstrating that Islam isn’t a monolith. The characters banter back and forth about head scarves, drinking, their personal relationships with God, the motivations behind conversions, not because these are abstractions, but because they’re trying to figure out how to live their lives a decision at a time. And while getting that window into Islam is useful for the cause of understanding and tolerance, it would be a mistake to think of the show as spinach. It’s narratively refreshing to have characters with a different set of motivations than the ones we normally see on television, and to see those motivations interact with the ones we’re familiar with, like the search for love and professional ambition. Complications, as long as they’re not ridiculously contrived, tend to make for better story-telling, and in this case, they absolutely do. I can’t imagine what it would be like, for example, to desperately want a child but to have a rabbi tell me that I couldn’t use donor sperm and still have a child recognized as my husband’s. “

‘All-American Muslim’ TV show irks Zionists | Rehmat's World