On Monday, Obama administration took a slap from the rest of 14 UN Security Council members for refusing to slam the Zionist regime for its plan to establish 1,000 new Jewish settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. This was to silence the pro-Israel hawks’ criticism of Barack Obama for carrying-out “ethnic cleansing of Jewish people” by not supporting new illegal Jewish settlements on lands stolen from native Palestinians.

In the past, the Israel Project, which has 20 US congress members on its advisory board, had issued a confidential report outlining how supporters can influence US public opinion during the new Obama term.

The report tells the Israeli propagandists that anyone who opposes settlement expansion on Palestinian land should be told they are supporting “ethnic cleansing to remove all Jews”.

There are currently 500,000 Israelis living in more than 100 settlements that have been built on Palestinian land since 1967.

Successive Western governments have warned Israel that the settlements – illegal under international law – are a major obstacle to peace. But with hardline religious groups claiming biblical rights to all of Greater Israel, progress on dismantling them has been painstakingly slow.

The recent survey conducted by the Israel Project among a panel of nine Israeli scholars and ex-officials – shows that they believe that Mitt Romney presidency would be far better for Israel than a second term for President Barack Obama. Pity, the more Obama kneels in front of Israeli demands, the more he gets kicks by the Jewish Lobby.

“What Israeli experts think about the candidates isn’t necessarily important to Americans – but it might be in some cases. There are Americans who put Israel high on their voting agenda. These voters might be tempted to look to Israeli expertise by way of assessing the complicated components of an administration’s policy toward Israel. Other voters might find this survey valuable as it gives one perspective of the way an essential ally is assessing America’s conduct of foreign affairs. Are you happy with the way the US is handling its current Middle East policies? – you might be, or you might be unhappy about it. And you may find it useful to discover that a group of Israeli experts ranked “over-all American policy toward the ME” as 4.78 out of a possible 10. Not disastrous, but also pretty far from being a positive assessment of the way the US is navigating through the Arab Spring (or winter),” Jewish Journal, December 20, 2011.

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