Worried about the on-going isolation of the Zionist regime around the world, Jerusalem Mayor, Nir Barkat, has made unkosher u-turn on his long-time held views of a ‘united Jerusalem‘ as the biblical capital of the Jewish people. The very Jewish people, who according to Israeli historian, professor Shlomo Sand, were invented only a century ago.

Last week, Mir Barkat, in a speech at National Defence College had proposed that Israel should relinguish Jerusalem’s Palestinian neighborhood beyond the ‘security wall’. He suggested that the tiny part of municipal Jerusalem that lies on the Palestinian Authority (PA) side of the ‘security wall’ should be handed-over to PA for picking their own garbage. “The municipality has trouble providing services and accessing those areas due to the security situation there,” he said.

Over 60,000 native Jerusalem residents live on the PA side of ‘security wall’ in five major neighborhoods of Kafr Aqab, the Shuafat refugee camp, Semiramis, Zughayer and Atarot. Another 20,000 Palestinians live within the Israel’s ‘security wall’. The 60,000 native Jerusalem residents who are supposed to receive the same services as the Jewish residents of the West Jerusalem – “including trash, sewage and water as the rest of the city, though reality is very different,” wrote Ha’aretz, December 17, 2011.

In order to get blessing for his proposal, Nir Barkat, met with Zionazi rabbis, Shlomo Aviner and Haim Druckman. Rabbi Druckman expressed support for the proposal, according to Israel Radio.

However, members of Benji Netanyahu’s Likud party have blasted the Mayor for coming-up with such anti-Semitic idea. MK Ze’ev Elkin called the idea as “an injury against the completeness and unity of Jerusalem“.

The hidden attraction of the Mayor’s plan is, – it will provide the Zionazi Jews an excuse to expel those 20,000 native Muslim and Christian Palestinians by forcing them to move to the PA part of Jerusalem in the future. Remember, Zionists’ Jordan is Palestine” slogan! The plan to turn Jordan into a Palestinian homeland and give the invading foreign Zionist Jews complete control over the historic Muslim land of Palestine is regularly rehashed by Israeli leaders whenever there is international pressure on the Zionist regime to stop its new illegal Jewish settlements.

Jerusalem Mayor proposes a