Israel’s terrorist organization Mossad chief, Tamir Pardo, one of world’s greatest assasins, told 100 Israeli ambassadors that a nuclear Islamic Republic poses no “existential threat” to the state of Israel – reported Israeli daily Ha’aretz on December 29, 2011.

Tamir Pardo also admitted that Israel was using various means to foil Iran’s nuclear program. But even if Tehran obtains nuclear weapons, it would not mean the destruction of the state of Israel.

“What is the significance of the term existential threat? Does Iran pose a threat to Israel? Absolutely. But if one said a nuclear bomb in Iranian hands was an existential threat, that would mean that we would have to close up shop and go home. That’s not the situation. The term existential threat is used too freely,” Tamir was quoted saying.

It seems Pedro has openly agreed with his predecessor, Meir Dagan, who had warned Benji Netanyahu government that an Israeli attack on Islamic Republic will be the stupidest thing – as it could start a regional war which will include missile fired from Iran, Hizbullah, Hamas and Syria.

On August 2, 2011, German news website Spiegel Online had claimed that Tamir Pardo was behind the assassination of Iranian nuclear scientist Darioush Rezaeinejad in Tehran on July 23. 2011

Last year, the TIME magazine pointed fingure at Mossad for the assassination of Iranian nuclear scientist Majid Shahriari and wounding his colleague Fereidoun Abbasi in Tehran. Mossad also had actually admitted that it killed Iranian nuclear scientist Ardashir Hosseinpour in 2007. He was poisoned by gas.

It is remarkable that three events happened on the same day: November 29, 2010: publishing WikiLeaks documents mostly about “concern” regarding the Iranian nuclear program, assassinating Majid Shahriari and the appointment of Tamir Pardo as head of Mossad, the agency most renowned worldwide for its involvement in assassinations. Some Western papers even boasted that the assassination was the “latest gift presented by former Mossad chief Meir Dagan”.

A report drafted by the human rights division at the US State Department (March 3, 2009) revealed that Mossad, in coordination with US forces in Iraq managed to assassinate 350 Iraqi nuclear scientists, 300 university professors, in addition to hundreds of army officers, pilots and experts in designing and launching missiles. The American report said that the main task of the Mossad death squad, operating in Iraq since the American invasion of 2003, was to eliminate distinguished Iraqi nuclear scientists and former civilian and military engineers after Washington failed to persuade them to cooperate and work in the United States. Israel, however, saw that the mere existence of these scientists constituted a threat to Israeli long-term national security.

It sounds like a latest duct-tape on Bibi and Hillary’s mouths.

Mossad chief: ‘Nuclear Iran is no existential threat’ | Rehmat calling