Robin Saex Garbose is an Orthodox Jew film producer-director. Premier of her latest film ‘The Heart That Sings’ at the 13th Jerusalem Jewish Film Festival (Dec. 17-23) created quite a fuss as no male was allowed to see the screening of the movie. Watch a short trailer of the movie here.

The 2010 movie is based on the short story by Gershon Kranzler. The cast, all Jewish girls and staff of Kol Neshama, tell the story of a young Holocaust survivor named Miriam who spends a 1950s summer as the music director at a camp in the Catskills Mountains of New York. At first, the campers take advantage of Miriam’s quiet, broken spirit, but in the end, they transform each other in a magnificent way.

The film is a musical drama with a cast of largely Orthodox Jewish actresses who by heritage and Jewish law do not sing or dance in the presence of men, even in the cinema. It thus intended for audiences of women and girls only.

In an Op-Ed in the Jerusalem Post, Robin slammed Israeli society for discriminating Jewish women for practicing their faith in the matters of gender modesty.

“I have found tzniut (Torah law of modesty) to be a refreshing, counterculture expression of honoring female dignity. I resent the fact my eight-year-old son has to be assaulted in the street by sexually explicit, in-your-face billboards. Why must we have these images imposed upon us? Because somebody is making money, a lot of money“.

Shame on French Crypto-Jew Nicolas Sarkozy being allergic to Muslim Hijab and Judeo-pornographic culture. American writer Dick Eastman wrote in 2007: “I would accept an Islamic revolution in this country in a second – it would help us get rid of Judeo-pornographic cultural poison“.

“Today, women may be making headlines for being banished from society, but this negativity will soon be turned around. By shining the spotlight on observant women and telling the truth about our very public role, though cloaked in modesty, we will finally emerge as we again lead our people into a more civilized and harmonious future,” wrote Robin.

Isn’t it time for the film industry in the Muslim world to stop pleasing the western Judeo-Christian pornographic culture by apologizing for Islamic modesty by following the example of Robin Saex Garbose?

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