For the last few days, internet was flooded by Zionist propagandists claiming Iranian agents had murdered a Jewish chemist, Dr. Elie Lalouz in Israel, as revenge for Mossad’s assassination of Iranian military engineer Hassan Tahrani Moqaddam in November 2011.

On January 3, 2012, Israeli daily Ha’aretz reported the good-old Jewish chemist was murdered by two Israeli prostitutes in his Tel Aviv apartment while having sex with them.

“Israeli police has arrested two Israeli prostitutes and two of their male pimps for the murder of a 70-year-old French chemist Elie Lalouz,” reported Ha’aretz on January 3, 2012.

The two prostitutes told police they had drugged Elie Lalouz while in bed with him in Elie’s Dizengoff Street apartment. Then one of them stabbed him with a kitchen knife and put a plastic bag on his head and set his mattress on fire to cover-up the crime.

One of the prostitute told police that Elie paid her 200 euros for her services four days before his death and called her again on Tuesday. She asked Elie if she can bring another prostitute with her and Elie agreed to pay them 200 euros each. However, once in bed, he changed his mind on payment for their services.

Police found Lalouz’s body when neighbors called to report a strong smell of smoke. Police found prostitute’s business card and were told by a neighbor that Lalouz, who had made Aliya (religious journey) to the Promised Land a few months ago, would bring prostitutes home.

Dr. Lalouz was a close friend of Haifa Mayor Yona Yahav, who called the sex-maniac old Jew, “a kindhearted and smart man“.

According to Israeli sources, Tel Aviv is world’s prostitution capital. The city has 280 brothels and over 20,000 prostitutes.

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