Last week, the US warships John C. Stennis and USS Kidd rescued 13 Iranian fishermen in the Gulf of Oman from the so-called ‘Somali pirates’. The story made the headlines in Zionist-occupied western mass media. Two weeks ago, however, when an Iranian destroyer rescued a Saudi Arabian oil tanker in the high Sea, the same media did not consider it worth reporting.

Fars News Agency, rightfully, called the US rescue operation a Hollywood dramatization of a routine event. “Basically, rescuing trading and fishing boats from the hands of pirates in the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Aden is considered a completely normal issue. A US helicopter filming the rescue operation from the first minute makes it look like a Hollywood drama with specific locations and actors. It shows the Americans tried to publicize it through the media and present the American warship as a savior,” Fars said.

Here’ are some of the interesting part of this latest Zionists’ ‘Libyan-type’ humanitarian PR episode.

The New York Times, an Israeli Hasbara outlet, first reported the rescue story which was later picked up by every Zionist cheerleader. The NYT article was written by the Zionist ex-Marine C.J. Chivers, who has made debute in reporting from Muslim countries under western and Israeli attacks. Chivers claims that he along with his side-kick, photographer Taylor Hicks, happens to be aboard the US aircraft carrier and witnessed everything first hand. Chivers is a very lucky guy. He always happens to be at the right spot at the right time. In the past he was with the Libyan rebels and before that Chivers was at the US military base in Afghaniatan which he claimed was rocketed by Pakistan. He also reported Chechen women being tortured for committing adultery.

One wonders why Somali pirates would abduct Iranian fishermen operating outside Somalia’s territorial waters while Iran has sent more than 21 cargos of humanitarian aid to Somalia during 2011? The US, Britain, France, Russia, China and Israel are all running covert operations in Somalia for its untapped oil resources. In the past, both Yemen and Saudi Arabia had blamed Israel for being behind the piracy in the Red Sea.

To add sweetener to the official story – The head of the rescue is captain of USS Kidd, a passionate American woman by the name Cmdr Jennifer L. Ellinger. The captain of the Iranian vessel did not speak Farsi but communicated via Urdu language spoken in Pakistan. However, USS Kidd happns to have a Urdu-to-English translator.

US State Department’s Jewish spokesperson, Victoria Nuland, on hearing the rescue story, said: “This is incredible story. This is a great story” – explaining that these were the very ships the Islamic Republic protested for recently traveling through Strait of Hormus were responsible for the recovery of Iranian vessel.

Two-third of Somalian land was leased to four major US oil companies (Conoco, Amoco, Chevron and Phillips) in the final years before Somalia’s US-puppet dictator Mohamed Siad Barre was overthrown in 1991.

Muslim-majority countries have 76% of world’s total known oil reserves. The US, Canada, EU and Australia have only 4% of world’s known oil reserves while the other non-Muslim countries have 20% of it.

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