Last month, US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta told Scott Pelley of CBS that Iran could have a “nuclear bomb within a year or less”. His claim was so ridiculous that even Pentagon spokesperson called Panett’a rant “hypothetical“. David Albright, the Jewish founder and president of Washington-based ‘Institute for Science and International Security‘ called it “definitely misleading“.

On January 8, 2012 – appearing on CBS’ Face the Nation Panetta admitted that despite all the western rhetoric, Iran is not pursuing the ability to split atoms with weapons, saying it is instead pursuing “a nuclear capability.” Watch the video below.

Don’t get surprised if Panetta reverse his opinion in the near future to please Obama’s new White House Chief of Staff, Israel-Firster Jewish Jacob Lew.

There are several countries including Canada, Japan, Brazil, Argentina, Germany and Sweden which have “nuclear capability”. In technical terms, these countries can produce nuclear bomb within 6-12 months if they desire.

Iran said recently that it had created the country’s first ever nuclear fuel rod made from domestic uranium enriched at their own facilities. Nuclear fuel enrichment is much different from enrichment for weapons. Most commercial nuclear reactors use lightly enriched uranium, which is between 3-5 percent enriched. Weapons-grade uranium must be enriched to approximately 85 percent or more of a key radioactive isotope for it to be usable in an atomic bomb.

Jewish Lobby, anti-Muslim Republican presidential candidates (with the exception of Rep. Ron Paul) and Tea Party leaders have been beating the drums of war against Iran for over year.

Former British MP George Galloway in an article published on January 8, entitled Mission: Invade Iran, wrote:

The head of Britain’s MI6 has already called for covert military operations in Iran which are, of course, an act of war – and they have been taking place. So are the drone overflights, which are also legally an act of aggression.

And it is a US where the grotesques in the Republican primaries are outbidding each other over who would be first to pull the trigger in the Gulf and who is more in thrall to Israel’s Binyamin Netanyahu.

We know now that there had been a sharp debate in the White House immediately following the events of September 11 2001 over whether to attack Iraq first or invade Afghanistan and then Iraq. Both countries, of course, had nothing to do with with September 11 – not a single one of their citizens was involved.

And if you think the dysfunctional US political system has a tendency to produce crazies, it is nothing compared to Riyadh and Tel Aviv.

Panetta: ‘I lied. Tehran is not making nuclear bomb’ | Rehmat's World