A few days ago, the Washington-based Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI) released the findings of it latest survey on security conditions of weapon-usable nuclear materials held in 32 different countries. Israel ranked 25th in the study, scoring 56 out of 100. China scored 52, India 49, Pakistan 41 and Islamic Republic 46 out of 100. The only problem is – IAEA has no proof that Iran has weapons-usable nuclear materials.

The other joke about the study is – while IAEA inspectors have visited nuclear facilities in China, Pakistan and Iran – Israel has never allowed IAEA inspectors to enter its five nuclear facilities. In other words, NTI rating of Israel’s security conditions of weapon-usable nuclear materials is based on what the NTI was told by the US Jewish Lobby.

IAEA has announced that three-member high-profiled team will be visiting Iran on one-week long talks with Iranian nuclear program officials on January 28. In addition to Belgian Iran-file director Herman Nackaerts, it will include US poodle IAEA chief Yukiya Amano’s handpicked Argentinian Rafael Grossi and American Zionist female lawyer Peri Lynne Johnson.

Australia received the highest rating (94) among the 32 countries with “weapon-usable nuclear material”. North Korea stood at the bottom of the list with 37 out of 100.

Among the five permanent UN Security Council nuclear powers, Britain tops with 79 out of 100 – followed by the US (78), France (73), Russia (65) and China (52).

The release of the report is timed to use it against Islamic Republic at the 2nd Nuclear Security Summit to be held in Seoul (South Korea) on March 26-27, 2012. Leaders from 47 member countries including Benji Netanyahu are invited to attend the summit. The participants will discuss how to prevent nuclear terrorism and the smuggling of nuclear material and how to increase safety and security at nuclear facilities.

Interestingly, when it comes to the safety of weapon-usable nuclear materials – the US has a remarkable history. For example, in March-April 2010 issue of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (a magazine founded by Russian-born American Jewish biophysicist, Eugene Rabinowitch) had reported that ”741 pounds of highly enriched uranium suitable for weapons production disappeared from NUMEC while Jewish Dr. Zalman Shapiro was president and was likely diverted into the Israeli nuclear weapons program”.

The Zionist entity has a long history of close relations with South Korea. David Ben Gurion had sent a Givati battalion to join US forces in Korean War. Amir Oren writing in Israeli daily Ha’aretz last month – pointed out the pleasure of Israeli leaders on the death of North Korean leader Kim Jong II – hoping that the new laeder will bring the country closer to the south and distant itself from the Islamic Republic.

Last month, former General Secretary of IAEA, Dr. Hans Blix (with Jewish-Zionist ancestry) along with India’s former President Dr. Abdul Kalam, attended a preparatory conference for the 2012 Nuclear Security Summit in Seoul presided over by South Korean President Lee Myung-bak.

Robert Kelley, former director at IAEA, in his Op-Ed in Ziocon Bloomberg (January 10, 2012) wrote: “The evidence, contained in a November report of the International Atomic Energy Agency, is sketchy. If Iran is developing nuclear weapons, let it be proved through the analysis of current, solid information – not recycled, discredited data“.

Study: Israeli nukes safer than China, Pakistan and Iran! | Rehmat's World