The recent tit-for-tat between Ankara and Washington concerning GOP presidential hopeful, Texas governor Rick Perry’s remarks about Turkey – exposes the self-denial nature of all three parties.

Rick Perry said that “it was time to question whether Turkey should remain a NATO member and a friend to the US, while calling Turkish leaders “Islamic terrorists“. Perry made that false claim because he was looking into Israel Lobby purse and media support. And he is not alone mind you. In fact with the exception of Rep. Ron Paul, all GOP presidential hopefuls and their opponent Barack Obama, judge foreign nations through Israeli lenses. Since Turkey under Erdogan’s AKP has extended its arms in friendship to Islamic Resistances Hamas and Hizbullah and Iran – it’s shear terrorism by Jewish Lobby. Don’t expect that any of these ‘American leaders’ to admit that Turkey is collaborating with US-Israel on Libya, Syria and Iraq.

The Turkish foreign ministry’s apologetic response that “Ankara strongly condemn the baseless and inappropriate allegations” – shows the apologetic nature of Turkey’s so-called “Islamist” govenment. It did not have the courage to tell Rick Perry and other Islamophobes like him that in 2003 – 15-member EU poll had named the US and Israel being world’s greatest terrorist states.

The great majority of Turks never agreed with Turkey’s NATO membership which it joined against a Russian threat during the Cold War. NATO and the US has built 24 military bases in Turkey which have been used by western powers against Middle Eastern countries considered as threat to the Zionist entity. Some of these are currently being used to train US funded anti-Syrian rebels. Turkish daily Milliyet, reported former FBI employee Sibil Edmonds saying that the US is behind the riots in Syria.

Turkey, however, like most of other Muslim countries, have been betrayed by its western allies and NATO. For example, in 1974 Turkey was condemned for providing military protection to Turkish Muslim minority in Cyprus.

In 1996, Ankara signed a major military cooperation with Tel Aviv which was hailed by the western powers, as “the best thing ever happened” to the Arab world. After that Turkey improved its relations with Islamic Republic, Syria, Hamas and Lebanon while sharing the bed with US-Israel. Turkey was projected as a regional mediator in the Arab-Israel conflict. However, after the anti-protests against western puppet regimes in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia – Ankara has lost it ‘mediator’ clout.

The US has now somehow convinced AKP leadership that the only way Turkey can lead the Muslim East – is to counter Iranian inflence in the region – And which can only be achieved by rekindling its old love affair with Israel and maintaining membership in NATO. As far Turkey’s membership in European Union is concerned – well Turks have waited for 20 years and I am sure they can wait another 20 years to join the exclusive “Christian Club”.

“This is a kind of cohabitation between America and Turkey: Turkey helps America in exchange for some stuff. This is how Turkey becomes more and more influential in the region,” says Turkish political science professor Gokhan Bacik.

“The US-Turkey relations today are weaker than at any time since the Cyprus Crisis of 1974. NATO can play a part in restoring those ties; the question is whether the parties will recognize and take advantage of the opportunities while there is time,” W. Robert Pearson, former US ambassador to Ankara.

Like Iran, Turkey doesn’t receive US aid while Israel gets 42% of total US foreign aid.

“Turkey is not run by Islamic terrorists,” Mark C. Toner, spokesperson for Israel-Firster Hillary Clinton told reporters.

Governor Rick Perry has refused to apology for his accusations against Turkey – but has also defended US Marines accused of urinating on Afghan corpses.

US: ‘Turkey is not run by Islamic terrorists’ | Rehmat's World