Islamic Republic’s Cartoon House, an internationally well known art organization, is holding a cartoon contest in support of the Global March to Jerusalem (March 30, 2012) and the march of the representatives of various nations towards occupied Palestine’s borders, titled as ‘International Return to Home Cartoon Contest 2012‘.

The Cartoon House is well know among the peace activists of world due to its support to the Palestinian cause by holding cartoon contest and exhibitions. The three winners will each receive $1000 with honorable mention and trophy. The deadline for submission is April 30, 2012.

On March 30, people of conscience and anti-imperialism from all continents plan to converge and gather along the Palestinian borders with Jordan, Egypt, Syria and Lebanon, in a peaceful march towards occupied Palestine.

The European Zionist Jewish communities who with the help of their fellow Christian Zionist elites were able to occupy 54% of Muslim-majority Palestine in May 1948 as part of notorious Balfour Declaration (1917). Later, with the help of British stooges ruling Trans-Jordan, the Zionist regime sabotaged the emergence of an independent Palestinian state on the remaining 46% of historical Palestine. In 1967, the Jewish army invaded Palestinian part under King Hussein of Jordan and occupied Gaza, West Bank and East Jerusalem – extending Zionist imperialism over 78% of the historic Palestine.

Since 1967, the Zionist regime has been carrying out its Arab demographic Holocaust to Judaize Jerusalem and colonize Palestine permanently. These crimes against humanity are done under the political and financial protection of successive American administrations, Zionist-controlled governments in France, Britain, Germany, Canada, Australia and enforced through their puppet United Nations. The US government and other institution are totally controlled by American Jews holding dual citizenship and their bootlicking Zionist Christian leaders.

The goal of the Zionists occupying Palestine is to force Palestinian residents out of Jerusalem and the rest of Palestine through acts of state terrorism, economic pressures, legal restrictions, non-stop new illegal Jewish settlements and outright expulsions. Jerusalem is falsely called “the eternal capital of Israel” by the spooky and terrorist Benji Netanyahu and other Zionist leaders who clearly state that Jerusalem is non-negotiable. Such statements and related actions by the Zionists are absolutely inconsistent with all of the relevant United Nations resolutions on Jerusalem and contrary to the principles of international law.

According to professor Lawerence Davidson (West Chester University), Zionists’ claim over the so-called “biblical Palestine” is based on several myths none of which can be proven historically.

The City of Jerusalem (Al-Quds) has always been a beacon of emancipation and hope to the downtrodden. It has symbolized the unity and equality of all of God’s creation and the message of love, mercy and compassion. Millions of people who love Jerusalem are concerned for the safety and sanctity of the Al Aqsa Mosque, the Dome of the Rock Mosque, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and other sacred properties under the Zionist plan to change and dismantle the structure of the society of Jerusalem, obliterating its Arab identity and changing the character of the city.

The Global March to Jerusalem movement has posted an appeal to the people of the world to show their solidarity with the oppressed Muslim and Christian natives of Palestine to recover their ancestral land from the occupation of foreign Jews.

“Jerusalem and all of Palestine need to be liberated, redeemed and restored as a land of freedom and coexistence by people of the world from all religious and cultural backgrounds,” says the appeal.

Iran’s ‘Jerusalem March 2012 Cartoon Contest’ | Rehmat's World