Shimon Peres 88 (then director general of the Defense Ministry and deputy defense minister) shares the honor of playing the part of midwife to Israeli nukes along with Israel’s first prime minister David Ben Gurion and his chief scientist Dr. Ernst David Bergman.

Yesterday, speaking at a ceremony marking the 63rd anniversary of the founding of the Zionist entity’s Knesset (parliament), Shimon Peres sent a peace message to Iranian people while blamed their popular elected (President Ahmadinejad received 63% of total votes cast) government for carrying on colonial agenda to rule the region.

“Iran is not only a threat for Israel, it constitutes a real danger to humanity as a whole. The present Iranian regime is Imperialism-hungry, aspiring to be the region’s supreme ruler,” he said.

However, the cunning war-criminal tried to fool the Iranian people including 25,000 Iranian Jews, by showing his enternal love for Iran.

“We were not born enemies and there is no need to live as enemies. Do not allow the flags of hostility to cast a dark shadow over your historic heritage. Your people are a sensitive people that aspire for friendship and peace, and not for conflicts and wars,” said Peres.

Ironically, Peres is the same hateful Jew who told CNN’s Piers Morgan in November 2011 that Iran is “spoiled” and “morally corrupt” country and said the world should attack its moral stance. I wonder how the ‘self-denying’ Peres defines “spoil” and “corrupt”? Israel receives $6 billion annual donation from US taxpayers and Tel Aviv city is home to 280 Jewish brothels.

Shimon Peres and other Zionist leaders like Ehud Barak, Gen. Yitzhak Rabin, Gen. Ezer Weizman, etc. were frequent visitor to Iran under King Reza Shah who was toppled by the mass revolution lead by Imam Khomeini in 1979. Both the US and Israel refused to give asylum to their former puppet. Members of Reza Shah’s notorious intelligence service SAVAK were trained by Mossad and CIA. The Iceland’s financial crash was part of Mossad scam lead by an Iranian Jew named Robert Tehenguiz who used to be Reza Shah’s ‘royal jeweller’.

Chutzpa: ‘Peres sends peace message to Iranian’ | Rehmat's World