Early this week, Lebanon’s security officials intercepted and seized a suspicious cargo containing huge amounts of US dollars, guns, special passports and credit cards upon arrival in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, from the US and Brazil. The items, packed in a number of chests and delivered via airmail, were discovered at Beirut’s airport.

Earlier in August 2011, Lebanese army intelligence had intercepted a covert shipment of 1,000 assault rifles, reportedly destined for the city of Baniyas in Syria. Army investigators say they have uncovered ties between the smugglers and the political entourage of former Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri, who is backed by the United States and Saudi Arabia.

Last year, Saad Hariri, was quoted telling a British reporter that Western agenda in Syria is to install a coalition of Muslim Brotherhood and anti-Assad Ba’athists in Damascus. The new regime will distance itself from Hizbullah, Hamas and Iran – and establish diplomatic relations with Israel.

The war planners in Washington always believed that ‘victory road’ to Tehran goes through Damascus and Beirut. Their belief was confirmed after Jewish army’s great humiliation at the hands of Hizbullah fighters in 2006 Israel-Lebanon war. They believe that without pro-US regime changes in Damascus and Beirut – an attack on Iran will result in the slaughter of tens of thousands of Israeli Jews as result of tens of thousands of Hizbullah-Syrian rockets and missiles raining over Jewish cities and towns. In October 2011 – Sheikh Nasrallah had warned the Zionist regime that in the next Lebanon-Israel war, Hizbullah’s first target will be Tel Aviv.

The recent Russia-China veto against ‘US-Israel war on Syria’, has delayed the coming Holocaust but not taken it “off the table”. Now, US-Israel is campaigning for a “coalition of willing” western and Arab puppet regimes. Pepe Escobar in interview with RT said that inspite of its defeat at the UNSC, Washington will continue to arm anti-government rebels in Syria. Watch a video below.

Americans have totally been defeated by Israelis and their lobby groups in the US and EU. Willian A. Cook sums up the reality in the following words on February 5, 2012.

“While Israeli control of America in the form of Las Vegas billionaires buying the presidency continues in the United States, and Republican candidates crawl to the altar of Mammon to remove Obama, who has already sold his soul to the forces of Evil, the people of the world look on in disbelief, having witnessed for sixty years the dominance of Zionist deceit, treachery, and manipulation of America as it savaged the mid-east in the name of friendship, democracy and shared values. But now, they have moved to take control of their own lives as they watch Israel corrode from within as it metamorphoses into a tribalistic, superstitious people further isolating themselves from the community of nations.”

According to Israeli website, Debkafile, linked to intellegence sources – has reported that British and Qatari troops are directing the anti-government rebels in Homs.

“Four centers of operation have been established in the city with the troops on the ground paving the way for an undercover Turkish military incursion into Syria,” the report said.

During the last two decades, the collaboration between Hizbullah and Lebanon Army has resulted in busting over two dozens Israeli spy networks and arresting more than hundred spies after the collapse of these networks.

Lebanon seizes USAID cargo for Syrian rebels | Rehmat's World