As resulty of last year Memogate sacandal, Islamabad has despatched its former information minister, millionaire Shahrbano (Sherry) Rehman 51, to replace country’s discredited ambassador Husain Haqqani in Washington. However, Pakistan’s President Asif Ali Zardari and his ruling Pakistan People Party made sure that the new ambassador, like Haqqani, must be acceptable to the US Islamophobes elites and the pro-Israel Jewish groups.

Haqqani, who campaigned for Pentagon’s interference in Pakistan’s internal affairs to protect western puppet PPP regime, had maintained close relations with several anti-Islam Jews like Daniel Pipes, Israel-Firster Sen. John Kerry and Ziocon think tanks such as Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

Sherry Rehman, like her friend, the murdered Punjab Governor Salmaan Taseer, is an anti-Shari’ah anti-blasphemy law politician and journalist. Her nomination was challenged in court by several religious groups in November 2011 – claiming she violated the Constitution of the country. Fahim Akhtar Gill, leader of Sunni Tehreek has claimed Sherry is already following the “policies of the US and the Jewish lobby as she tried to abolish blasphemy law“.

Last year, Sherry had submitted a bill in the National assembly, seeking to eliminate death penality from section 295 (c) of the Pakistan Penal Code, which criminalizes the act of insulting the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) or any other Biblical prophet – making it punishable with life imprisonment or death. However, she never got support from members of her ruling party and its allies and eventually she had to withdraw the bill.

Sherry was a close confident of Pakistan’s former prime minister Banazeer Bhutto, the murdered wife of Pakistan’s President Asif Ali Zardari. Sherry is 1985 graduate of University of Sussex and is married to her second husband Nadeem Hussain.

To judge where Sherry’s heart lies – she is schedule to be the guest speaker at the Washington-based Ziocon think tank, the United States Institute of Peace, on February 15, 2012. The think tank is a US Congress funded group which is involved in the ‘regime changes’ in the Muslim world. The event will be moderated by Zionist Stephen John Hadley, former Bush national security adviser and deputy to pro-Israel hawkish Jew Elliott Abrams, sentenced for his part in Iran-Contra scandal. The Chairman of the United States Institute of Peace is former Jewish ambassador Richard H. Solomon PhD, who runs a blog on ‘Mentoring Jewish Students and Teachers’. He is also member of the powerful Jewish think tank CFR. One of the Dirty Dozen Islamophobe, Dr. Daniel Pipes, director Middle East Forum is also board member of the United States Institute of Peace. Some of the other board members include Israel-Firsters J. Robinson West, Laurie S. Fulton, former Sen. Barbara W. Snelling , Mora L. McLean, professors Seymour Martin and Stephen D. Krasner, Lt. Gen. Michael M. Dunn, Peter W. Rodman Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs, etc.

Sherry is founder of Islamabad-based think tank, Jinnah Institute, which tracks anti-West Muslim religious groups. The Jinnah Institute played a key role in Pakistan’s foreign policy issues related to India and Afghanistan.

In an interview with the Christian Science Monitor last year, Sherry said: “Pakistanis are very schizophrenic about the US. They want their children to study there, they understands the benefits of that democracy but they’re also very anti-American. Part of that responsibility lies with the US. the rest lies with us because we tends to throw a lot of our failures into that bit as well“.

On January 12, 2012, Sherry had her first official meeting with Hillary Clinton which was attended by Barack Obama’s special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, Zionist Jew Marc Grossman, who has been pressing Islamabad to abandon Iran-Pakistan (IP) oil pipeline.

Next day, Sherry presented her credentials to undersecretary for political affairs, Zionist Jew Wendy Sherman. State Department’s Jewish spokesperson, Victoria Nuland told reporters that both Hillary and Clinton discussed how to improve US-Pakistan relations. Clinton also told Sherry the Washington expects Pakistan government must guarantee the safety of Rehman’s predecessor, Hussain Haqqani, and should be judged according to the international laws (as interpreted by the Jewish Lobby!).

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