In July 2011 – Israeli and French Jewish group, Democratic Change in Syria, held a meeting in Saint-Germain in France. The meeting was attended by French Jewish leaders, Israeli officials and Moulhem Droubi representing Syrian Muslim Brotherhood.

Now, a new US-sponsored ‘Friends of Syria’ meeting is scheduled to be held in Tunis on Friday. China, Russia and Lebanon have announced they will not be attending the meeting as it is meant only to support the opposition to bring a pro-USraeli regime change in Damascus.

The Friends of Syria group was created by the US, EU and some members of the Arab League (AL) after China and Russia vetoed US-sponsored anti-Assad resolution at the UN Security Council. This will be group’s first meeting which will be attended by the USrael-supported Syrian National Council (SNC) but not representatives from Syrian government. Furthermore, the meeting will be headed by France, Turkey and Tunisia which are closely connected to USrael imperialism in the Muslim East. Those three countries have diplomatic and military relations with the Zionist entity.

Moscow statement said the meeting would not be able to improve dialogues between Assad’s government and the opposition on the ways to end the 11 month violence which is supported by foreign governments. Lebanese leaders called the meeting another ‘Israeli Project’.

Russian, Lebanese and independent delegates which have visited Syria, dispute the the western death count of 6,000 persons blamed on Syrian security forces. They say it is a propaganda lie fabricated by London-based Syrian human rights group (Syrian Observatory for Human Rights) funded by British foreign secretary, Israel-Firster William Hague and the American ‘National Endowment for Democracy (NED)‘, which is headed by a Zionist Jew by the name Carl Gershman, who served at American Jewish Committee and Jewish B’nai B’rith.

China’s deputy foreign minister Zhai Jun who visited Damascus early this month – called for all sides to stop violence and give president Assad’s reforms a chance. He strongly condemned western agenda of regime change in Damascus and offered China’s services “to play a constructive role with all sides for the peaceful resolution of the Syrian crisis“. Tehran had made a similar offer last month.

An influential Chinese newspaper on Monday warned that western backing of the Syrian rebels could trigger a civil war in the violence-hit nation as happened in neighboring Iraq.

Lebanese living in Syria are the major targets of the pro-Israel thugs belonging to the so-called ‘Free Syrian Army’. According to daily Al-Akhbar, “kidnappings, killings, and vandalism against Lebanese-owned businesses have been on the rise in the past two weeks“.

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