Richard Foyer is American Jewish writer and former Zionist supporter of Israel. He is author of recent book ‘Breakthrough’. In the book, Richard, records the evil policies of the Zionist regime in the Middle East for years and also analyzes why and how the Zionist government of Israel and their supporters in the US create fear against the Palestinians to gain support. Until a few years ago, he was blind supporter of Israel. He had believed that Israel was right in invading Lebanon in 2006 and Gaza in 2008-09. The two Israeli invasions resulted in killing more than 2,500 civlians, creating over one million refugees and destroying infrastrucures in both countries.

Born into a Zionist Jewish family, Richard Foyer was a diehard supporter of the Zionist regime. He grew-up with the beliefs that Jews have biblical rights to the Holy Land (Palestine) and Israel is world’s only safe heaven for the Jews. He also believed that Arab countries bordering Israel were bent on driving Jews to the Sea.

Richard Foyer, who was once member of the Israel Lobby (AIPAC) – is now one of the strongest voices of anti-Zionism in the US. Though, Richard Foyer still believes in the Zionist narrative of Holocaust (‘Six Million Died’) – he believes that Zionists have been exploting the Jewish tragedy by calling opponents of Israeli policies, “Holocaust denier” or “Hitler”. Israel’s first prime minister, David Ben Gurion, started this exploitation by calling Egyptian President Gamal Abdul Nasser, “Hitler” and blamed him for pursuing a second Holocaust. These days, Zionist leaders are accusing Iranian people and their leaders for the same crimes.

According to Richard Foyer, the way to achieve peace in the Middle East is to convince people who think Israel can do no wrong to take a hard look at the facts, to convince them to learn what happened during the bloody formation of Israel, to make them see what is still happening to the Palestinian people today, you might want to know what makes a Zionist tick.

Last year, Richard Foyer was interviewed by the Press TV (watch video below). In the interview, Richard tells the story of how he himself went from being a diehard supporter of Israel, from someone raised in a Reform Jewish household who saw Israel as that plucky little democracy trying to provide a secure home for the long-beleaguered Jews to someone who now supports the Palestinians in their struggle for justice, he provides us with an inside look into the mind of a Zionist — his own — and how being confronted with the more grim reality changed his mind and the reality of the Palestinian struggle.

He says during his visit to Occupied Palestine, he never faced Jewish-hatred from the native Muslim and Christian Palestinians – even when he told them that he is an American Jew and Israeli (dual) citizen. He was told that the root of the Israel-Palestine conflict is not religion but Zionism.

Richard Foyer: ‘Israel-Firster to anti-Zionist regime’ | Rehmat's World