On the first day of Iran’s 9th Majlis (Parliament) election, 65% of the 48 million eligible Iranian voters hit the polling stations in a move deemed as a straight message to the USrael war rhetoric. However, the final official estimates will be available on Sunday.

The high turnout is a slap to western Zionist-controlled governments (ZOGs) which funded anti-Ahmadinejad riots in June 2009. The western media had issued calls on behalf of discredited leaders of the Green movement to boycott the March elections.

Lebanese Islamic Resistance, Hizbullah in a statement issued on Saturday, praised Iranian voters for their massive turnout proving once again their dedication to the 1979 Islamic Revolution and in the leadership of Ayatullah Ali Khamenei.

On Saturday, Iran’s interior minister, Mostafa Mohammad Najjar, announced that 135 candidates have been declared winners. The winners for the remaining 155 seats are expected to be released on Monday. Both the current Speaker of Majlis, Ali Larijani, and former Speaker of Majlis, Gholam Ali Hadad Adel, have retained their seats with largest majority.

According to the Voice of Russia, Consrvatives have won majority of the 290-seat Majlis. The seats are contested by candidates affiliated with the United Front of Consrvatives and Islamic Revolutionay Front blocs – as no political party exists in Iran. Both of the blocs are supporters of Ayatullah Ali Khamenei, the Gurdian of 1979 Islamic Revolution. The new Majlis will certainly maintain Iran’s current official stand on nuclear program and the Zionist regime.

American-Jewish Professor William Beeman (University of Minnesota) told Press TV that in the United States there are some people in some circles who felt that the sanctions on Iran would result in the Iranian people rising up and overthrowing their own government because they have been made so miserable and a number of us have pointed out how ridicules that scenario is.

”When a population is under pressure from the outside, they do not rise up and overthrow their own government, they rally behind their leaders and this is, I think in this particular case when we take a look at the elections, I think we will find that the Iranian people have not been discouraged by the sanctions that have been leveled against them, but in fact have shown their patriotism and their love of their own country,” said Beeman.

Ralph Shoenman, a veteran American Jewish author and commentator in an interview with Press TV said that both the US and Israel are trying their best to discredit Iranian regime and destablize the country and dismantling its national sovereignty and national integrity. Ralph is author of the book The Hidden History of Zionism.

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