Israel’s Jewish society is dominated by religious, ethnic and cultural bigotry and racism – not only Jews vs Natives, but also Jews vs Jews.

Israeli media has reported violent and anti-Semitic encouter between two of Israel’s major football teams during a match at the Bloomfield Stadium between Hapoel Tel Aviv and Maccabi Tel Aviv on March 6, 2012. During the match, player from Hapoel Tel Aviv tried to attack the referee Menashe Mashiach – while the fan of the team, sang (anti-Semitic) Holocaust song.

Israeli fans, usually, support national teams according to their political affiliations. That’s true for all the four major Israeli football teams. They’re Hapoel (The Worker) Tel Aviv, Maccabi (Judas Maccabeus) Tel Aviv, Meccabi Haifa and Beitar Jerusalem (mountain of Shimon Bar-Kochva). Hapoel is considered to be pro-Labor party, Meccabi, pro-Likud, Meccai Haifa, liberal (it has both Jewish and Arab Israeli players) and Beitar Jerusalem, anti-Arab racist Jewish.

The so-called ‘Holocaust song’ was written by a Hapoel fan.

Put Maccabi in the chambers

They obtained chambers in an underhand way

So put Maccabi in the chambers, fill them with gas

Then Shimon Mizrahi and Moni Fanan will die

They’ll shower in the chambers

Then Pini Gershon and Federman will die as well

We’ll be the champions, we’ll get the cup!

Put Jerusalem in Jordan

Avi Nimni is a son of a bitch

Klinger is missing an eye

Put Jerusalem in Jordan

All of Maccabi – Allahu Akbar!

Israeli daily Ha’aretz has reported that based on the referee’s report Hapoel is expected to be handed the heaviest punishment by IFA. The club could be banned from playing at the Bloomfield Stadium or punish it by not allowing it to play it in Europe next season.