If they wanted to, the Zionists could probably persuade a majority of Americans that the moon is made out of Israeli cottage cheese,” Roger Tucker, a Jewish American blogger.

Beyond the war rhetoric by Israeli hawks and AIPAC goyim poodles – more and more Jewish think tanks’ ‘Mideast experts’ have come to the conclusion that a regime change in Iran is a pipe dream. They each have come up with different ideas how to neutralize Iran’s nuclear program without a deadly war and maintain Israel as the only nuclear-bully in the Muslim East.

Jewish think tank, the Saban Center for Middle East Policy at the Brookings Institution is more hawkish than the AIPAC itself. One of its ‘senior expert’ on Iran and former US State Department Mideast analyst, Suzanne Malloney, in an article captioned, ’How to Contain a Nuclear Iran’, published in ‘The American Prospect’ on March 5, 2012, too admitted that a regime change in Iran is Zionists’ pipe dream. However, with her article’s title, she, like British prime minister David Cameron, leaves with her readers the impression that Iran already has acquired a nuclear bomb.

Suzanne proposes that Washington should be ready to accept Iran with a (IAEA) well-monitored enrichment program – as the West’s policy of ‘crippling sanctions’ and the ‘military option’ against Iran have become self-destructive. she also reminds her readers that Iranian have survived from foreign economic sanctions, political pressure and military threats in the past – and therefore, cannot be expected to submit to current military threats by the US and Israel.

After projecting herself to be unbaised toward Iran – Suzanne drops her Zionist hijab. She repeat the usual Israel’s anti-Iran matra; Iran’s “nuclear ambitions” supported by IAEA report (based on Israeli intelligence) to Iran’s “nuclear capability”. Suzanne shamelessly ignores the fact that while IAEA has been pressuring Iran which is signatory to NPT while ignoring Israel which refuses to join NPT and have a stockpile of nuclear bombs.

Scott Ritter, former UN chief weapon inspector in Iraq – in his book, ‘Target Iran: The Truth About US Plans for Regime Change‘ proves the level of collusion between the Israeli intelligence and IAEA, which on occasion has turned all its collected data over to Israelis in oder to get their “expert analysis”. Scott also wrote that “thanks to IAEA inspections, the US and Israel had extremely detailed intelligence on Iran’s nuclear enrichment program (p.147)“.

Scott claims that the US, British and German intelligence agencies also shared their information on Iranian nuclear program with Israel.

Israeli investigative journalist and author, Ronen Bergman, has made a documentary, entitled, ‘People & Power – Iran and the Bomb’ in which he claimed that Israeli Mossad not only assassinated Iranian nuclear scientists but had a plan to assassinate the Father of Pakistan’s nuclear bomb, Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan. Watch the video below.

Brookings: ‘Regime change in Iran is a pipe dream’ | Rehmat's World