Having followed Iran’s nuclear policies for 20 years,
I’m amazed that Tehran has not by now managed to deploy nuclear weapons. Even Israel’s defense minister recently wondered aloud why Iran hadn’t already
produced such weapons,” says Eric margolis, Canada’s syndicated war coresspondent, author and blogger.

So, based on the Zionist Lobby’s current stalemate, I predict the Jewish lobby groups will get Barack Obama re-elected on November 3 - but to keep him under their thumbs will flood the House with more Israel Firsters on November 6. This strategy will give Israel lobby groups to keep pressuring Obama to bring a regime change in Damascus, further marginalize Palestinian resistance Hamas and try to neutralize Lebanese Islamic resistance Hizbullah. Once this is done, the Zionist regime will feel safe to attack Iran without US active participation......

Obama: ‘No war with Iran for Israel’ | Rehmat's World