Zionist media is so excited in reporting the arrest of an Indian Muslim journalist in connection with Mossad false flag operation of Israeli embassy car bombing on February 13, 2012. The incident injured wife of an Israeli staff and her driver. The suspect is Syed Mohammed Ahmed Kazmi, a 25 year veteran freelance journalist who has been an outspoken critic of USrael wars in the Middle East and unlawful activities of Israeli Mossad in India.

Kazmi speaks Arabic and Persian in addition to his mother tongue Urdu (aka Hindi). Kazmi had covered the 2003 American attack on Iraq and was a regular freelance contributor to Iran’s Radio Tehran. Kazmi is also accused of being pro-Syrian government as he visited Syrian in February accompanied by John Cherian, another senior Indian journalist. On March 11, Delhi police raided John’s flat. John is also known for his strident anti-Israel views. However, police later apologized to John for the mistake.

Saeed Naqvi, a senior Indian journalist, who’s worked with Kazmi and has been arguing publicly for him, says, “He was arrested to please those pressuring the government to create a link between Iran and the attack. Muslim and Urdu journalists leave a bad odour these days.” He says it’s part of a larger campaign against journalists who seek to challenge the “global information order”, especially about unfolding events in West Asia. “For example, when the Israelis killed off Iranian nuclear scientists, the debate in the US media was not about whether this was right or wrong but about whether it helped retard Iran’s nuclear programme. Clearly, there are two sets of rules working here.”

Pro-Israeli media has claimed that Kazmi is an Indian of Iranian origin. In fact, Kazmi’s Shia family has lived in Meerut for several generations.

Iranian media has claimed that pro-Israel Hindu extremist groups have framed Kazmi with the help of Israeli Mossad. The whole scam is to derail the growing India-Iran trade relations in oil and other sectors. Last week, the International Energy Agency reported that India and South Korea have sharply increased oil purchases from Iran. A large Indian trade delegation has just completed its tour of Iran. “Iran and India have good potentials for cooperation in various fields including the trade of textile and agricultural products,” said M. Rafeeque Ahmed, president Federation of Indian Export Organizations.

On March 10, a group of India’s senior journalists and activists demanded immediate and unconditioal release of Kazmi and said no Indian should be allowed to be questioned by Israel agencies.

Meanwhile, a statement signed by writer-activist Arundhati Roy, historian KN Panikkar, filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt, actress Nadita Das and Sharmila Tagore said: “We fear that Mr. Kazmi may be mad a scapegoat to please an international lobby. It’s no secret that Israel held Iran culpable within minutes of the attack“.

According to India’s The Onlook magazine, Vinod Yadav, Chief Magistrate New Delhi, has specifically ordered New Delhi police not to allow Mossad, RAW, IB or other intelligence agencies to interrogate Syed Kazmi. However, he has allowed police to share the information with both Israeli and Iranian intelligence agencies as India is signatory to the UN Convention of Prevention and Suppression of Terrorism (UNCPST). Iran is also signatory to the UNCPST, while Israel is not.

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