On Wednesday, US District Judge Paul Friedman, sentenced Dr. Stewart David Nozette (born 1957) to 13 years in prison for trying to sell US secrets to America’s ‘only friend in Mideast‘, Israel.

Now, compare this with US-Pakistani Dr. Aafia Siddiqui who was sentenced to 86 years in prison by the Jewish Judge Richard Berman in 2010. Her crime was not involved in espionage against the US, but she gave moral support to Taliban.

The Maryland scientist was arrested as result of a FBI agent posing as Israeli Mossad spy. The Israel lobby group, ADL’s Guru Abraham Foxman cried foul by saying: “What I find troubling and perplexing is that our government seems only interested in investgating people who’re connected with Israel. It plays into the hands of those who say Jews or those connected to Israel are disloyal.“

I may assure Abe Foxman that no American Muslim will whine like him if Pakistan, Egypt or Lebanon have been receiving half of the USAID Israel ($6-14 billion) receives each year.

According to FBI agent Leslie Martell, Nozette acted as a technical consultant (1998-2008) for a foreign aerospace company, the ‘Israel Aerospace Industries‘, headed by US-educated Dr. Itzhak Nissan, is wholly owned by the government of the state of Israel. During that period of time, according to the affidavit, Nozette received regular payments from the company for providing technical information, totaling approximately $250,000.

The ‘Israel Aerospace Industries‘ is also heavily involved with Indian armed industry.

In September 2011, Nozette pleaded guilty to attempted espionage in a federal court. The plea agreement called for an agreed-upon term of 13 years imprisonment. Without the plea bargain Nozette was expected to receive life imprisonment like the famous US Jewish spy Jonathan Pollard.

Jewish American convicted for spying for Israel | Rehmat's World