The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has published its intelligence Report exposing the ten top Islam haters in America. They all have one thing in common – they’re ‘Israel-Firsters’.

The list includes Bill French, Brigitte Gabriel (Lebanon’s maid of darkness), P. David Gaubatz (a Zionist Jew), Pamella Geller, David Horowitz (a Zionis Jew), John Joeph Jay, Pastor Terry Jones, Debbie Schlussel (Polish Jewish descent), Robert Spencer and David Yerushalmi, an Islam-hating Jewish White Supremacist.

Some of these Islam-haters were among FAIR’s 2008 list of Dirty Dozen Islamophobe. For example, David Horowitz, Robert Spencer and Debbie Schlussel.

The Norway mass killer, Anders Behring Breivik, had mentioned in his 1500-page Israeli bible, two prominent American pro-Israel ‘Islamophobes’ – Pamela Geller of ‘Atlas Shrugs’ and Robert Spencer of ‘Jihad Watch’ – who inspired him hating Muslims.

SPLC has this to say on the ‘expertise’ of these Islam-haters.

Bill French has no formal training or background on law, Islam or Shari’ah.

Brigitte Gabriel views Islam in absolute terms as a monolithic threat to the United States, Israel and the West. She is prone to sweeping generalizations and exaggerations as she describes a grand, sophisticated Muslim conspiracy bent on world domination.

David Gaubatz is a former civilian agent who worked in the Middle East for the US Air Forces Office of Special Investigations. He called Islam a “cancer”.

Pamela Geller is a hardcore Zionist and a self-styled expert on Islam with no formal training in the field. She feel ‘liberated’ by posing for an anti-Muslim video in a bikini. She also claimed that President Barack Obama being the “love child” of Malcolm X, and once suggested that recent US Supreme Court appointee Elena Kagen, who is Jewish and lesbian, supports Nazi ideology.

John Joseph Jay is remarkable for his unreconstructed hatred of all Muslims. He believes attacks by Muslim terrorists justify any violence directed at any Muslim, adding that, as he sees it, the Koran itself justifies such blind retaliation.

Pastor Terry Jones received Zionist media attention when he threatened to burn copies of Holy Qur’an. Terry’s Dove World Outreach Center of Gainesville, Fla., is isted by the SPLC as a hate group.

Debbie Schlussel’s hatred of Muslims is due to her love for the Zionist entity.

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), was co-founded in 1971 by Joe Levin, a Zionist Jew. Several of its top management positions are held by Zionist Jews; Richard Cohen, President; Mary Bauer, legal director; Mark A. Potok, director intelligence project; Heidi Beirich, director of research; Daniel Werner, deputy legal director and many more.

Ironically, SPLC claims Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting (FAIR) is a racist group!