"No politician with an anti-Zionist mindset could ever dream of living in the White House,” Chancellor Professor Naseer Aruri (University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth).

US secretary of state, Hilary Clinton, certainly tops the list of the Crypto-Jew Iran-bashing world leaders – followed by French Sarkozy, British Cameron, Israeli Bibi and US Obama. On Saturday, she threatened Tehran from the Wahhabi capital of Riyadh saying her “window of peaceful negotiation with Tehran is about to close soon“. Anyone who remembers her husband’s sexual affair with Mossad’s Jewish ‘honey-pot’ Monica Lewinsky without her knowledge – what ‘window’ she is referring to!

These days, like Islamophobia, bashing Iran is the easiest way to dip into Jewish bank accounts. Interestingly, the woman who has the reputation of lying with a smile, believes that Iranian leaders are not sincere in clearing the US and Israeli suspicion of Iran’s nuclear program.

“Our policy is one of prevention, not containment. we are determined to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon,” Hillary played music to her Jewish masters.

Israel-Firster Rupert Murdoch owned British Sky News has warned Ankara that Iranian al-Quds brigade is planning to target Jewish and American interests in Turkey. Wouldn’t that be a nice way Israeli Mossad can derail the upcoming meeting between P5+1 and Iran in Istanbul on April 13? After all, Mossad have the experience of bombing a Synagouge in Turkey in 2003.

Anthony Lawson, the international prize-winning commercial director, cameraman, writer and author, fully agree with Professor Naseer Aruri. Lawson has just released a video, entitled, ‘Iran Bashing: Terrorism and Who Chose The Chosen People’ – exposing how the war-monger US-Israeli leaders are repeating US-Iraq War lies to push Americans for a new bloody war with the Islamic Republic for the dominance of Israel in the Muslim world. A must watch video below.