Last week, New Jersey Rutgers University campus newspaper, The Daily Medium, published a satire, entitled “What About the Good Things Hitler Did?. The Israel hasbara (propaganda) mafia lead by ADL, is running a vicious smear campaign against the Daily Medium for publishing the pro-Hitler article under the name of Aaron Marcus, a Jewish student activist with Israeli propaganda group at the campuses, Hillel.

In 2004 – the Medium’s Jewish editor, Ned Berke, published a full-page cartoon making fun of Holocaust. The Rutgers president Richard L. McCormick called the comic “outrageous in cruelty”. Responding to critics who have called on the school to shut down the publication, Berke said he had relatives who died in the Holocaust.

“Humor is a way of honoring them and trying to get over it and to laugh,” the sophomore journalism major said. “The Holocaust has been taboo for years“.

The Daily Medium is run by a group of students but the magazine is partly funded by Rutgers.

Here a summary of the controversial column.

“As I sat through the upteeth history lecture covering the Holocaust and millions of people who died while being persecuted for nothing more than their religion, sexual orientation or political beliefs, I couldn’t help but think that history has given the Third Reich and its leader a bad rap.

Think about this; we all knowthat in 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue, but when he got to the ‘New World’, which he founded by accident, he slaughtered countless natives (possibly between 80-150 million), raped their wives and enslaved their children.

Yet every year, there is a day celebrating him on which children get a day off from school, and the government pays workers to take day off. If the had a ‘Hitler Day’ in Germany where public workers got the day off with pay, I would bet my money that many folks would be very angry about that.

History is subjective, people. What most people know about Adolf Hitler is that he lead the Nazi Party: A German political party that rose to power, committed mass genocide, and attempted to create an oppressive empire like the like of modern civilization had never seen before.

But what most people don’t know is that Hitler’s policies, creations and ideas are still in use today. Do you drive a Volkswagen? In Germany, Walkswagen means ‘People auto’, which was a company Mr. Hitler oversaw the creation of in order to provide low cast motor vehicles to people of Germany.

The Nazi’s experimentation in jet propulsion and rocket science was carried out after the war by the United State.

So the next time you are driving in a car, watching the movie ‘Armageddon’ or walking past Hillel, be sure to give Hitler a little thanks, I know I will.”

Richard L. McCormick’s term as Rutgers president ends by the end of current year. NJ Governor Chris Christie plans to merge Rutgers-Camden with Rowan University in Glassboro against tough opposition from Rutgers community leaders and lawmakers.

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