An Ohio Graduation Test question which asked the Arab views of the establishment a entity for the Jews who were persecuted in Europe – drew anger from American Jewish groups.

The test on which the question appeared was given between March 12 and 16. The question on the test’s social studies assessment read: “After the Holocaust, many Jews felt that they needed a state of their own in order to provide security for the Jewish people. In 1948, the state of Israel was formed. Many Arabs disagreed with this action. Identify two perspectives of many Arabs that explain their objection to the establishment of Israel.”

Rabbi Simcha Dessler, director Hebrew Academy of Cleveland also object to the question. He feared the question opened students to anti-Jewish narrative of Holocaust and the establishment of state of Israel.

Under Jewish lobby pressure, Ohio Department of Education Jewish official Stan Heffner has promised that such anti-Jewish question will not be part of future 10th grade test.

We all know how the Zionist crowd want us to believe its narrative of the Holocaust – “Six Million Died” as result of Nazi regime’s hatred of Jews. However, Canadian Rabbi Wolf Gunther Plaut (d. 2012) confessed in his 1990 book ‘The Man Who Would Be Messiah’ – that it were Frankist Jews who committed Holocaust.

Israel is based on countless myths and one of those myths is the so-called victimization. Though Jewish elites have always been part of Western economic and governance fields – even before the birth of Christ – they always played the part of ‘victims’ of the majority.

Theodor Herzl knew the importance of ‘victimization (anti-Semitism)’ in Europe and advised the leaders of the World Zionist movement to use this weapon to create guilty conscience among the western Christian majority – in order to get their support for the establishment a Zionist state outside Europe.