Pranay Sharma, associate editor of Outlook India magazine recently interviewed Pakistan’s most outspoken and popular politician. He is leader of a small political party, Tehreek-e-Insaf, and former world renowned cricketer, Imran Khan. The interview was taken at Imran Khan’s farm house near Islamabad.

He told Pranay Sharma that Pakistan’s ties with United States should be like relation between India and United States – based on mutual respect. “The US have always treated Pakistan as someone who is paid to do a job and is not doing it,” said Khan.

I’m affraid – Imran Khan is living in fantasy. The India-US ties are based on hatred against Muslims and fear of China emerging as a super-power. The Pakistan-China close relations have always been considered a threat to US interests in the region by both Washington and New Delhi.

On India-Pakistan ties, Sharma claims that Imran Khan wants those to be modeled on US-Canada relations. If that’s true – I’m affraid Imran Khan needs to study the US-Canada relation from some objective source. As a Canadian myself – I can tell that the US-Canada ties have mostly been like a Boss and his private secretary. Since Stephen Harper took over government in Ottawa – both the US and Canada have become satellites of Israel. So much so that both Washington and Ottawa consider any threat to the Zionist regime as a threat to North America.

Answering allegation that he is Pakistan Army front man – Imran said: “My communication with the army is negligible compared to Zardari and Nawaz Sharif. You can’t get the army to bring record crowds in rallies“.

Imran is also against private militia groups supported by local and foreign agencies. “Pakistan needs to completely disarm its militant groups. The time has come when we can’t have them. We’ve to turn jehad into nation-building,” says Khan.

Regarding Obama’s $10 million bounty for Hafiz Saeed – Imran said that both the US and India say India “says he is a terrorist. But we have no evidence of that. We know of the Jamaat-ud-Dawa’s humanitarian work“.

Imran Khan, was married to Jemina Marcelle Khan, daughter of British Zionist billionaire Lord James Goldsmith – but he has never been in Jewish Lobby’s ‘good book’. Jemina Khan is associate editor of British daily New Statesman.

Read the entire interview here.

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